Thursday, November 24, 2016

What Am I?

(I am a deconverted christian minister of near 30 years. Expert in etymology, paleography, ancient linguistics, eschatology, hermeneutics etc. Deconverted from everything but one thing.......)

I am hidden from the land of the living.

Their is nothing higher or greater then I.

I cannot be bought or sold, if all the wealth in the world were offered for me, it would be utterly condemned.

I am not found in a church or a book, i am not found  in the earth or at the farthest reaches of the universe.

I am kept secret from the birds of the air.

I am not a man or an omnipotent sky fairy.

I am the most powerful force known to exist.

I created all that is seen, the universe, mankind, all that exists.

I am the 'first cause', the 'source', I am the 'creator'.

I am eternal and transcend time and space.

When I am found, their are no questions left to be answered, all fears are extinguished, all hopes and dreams fulfilled.

When you have found me, THEN will you never die. I cannot be found on the other side of the grave.

I have never made a promise to you, I have never sworn an oath to you.

I am so far away, light years cannot measure, and so close there is no room between us.

All books of religion and myth speak of me, your poets and bards profess me.

I make all things grow, and die.

Without me, there is NOTHING.

I am the pearl of great price, the apple of the eye, the greatest of all treasures.

I am LIVING among the walking dead.

I am a most vehement flame, an unquenchable fire without cessation.

I am as strong as the grave, and as cruel as death!

I will not be mocked, scoffed at, abused, used, taken advantage of etc.etc.

Adulterers, blasphemers, criminals, harlots, whoremongerers, the faithless, abusers of themselves with mankind, all liars, all sinners etc. know me not and are far from me. I do NOT love sinners.

All those who know and have found me sin not and live forever.

Their is no pardon or forgiveness if you transgress or depart from me, there is nowhere to run.

I am just and I judge all things.

Laws are a shadow of me.

I am the ruler and king over all. I rule over all sky fairies, all divinities, all messiahs and christs.

I do not evolve and I do not change.


I am hidden from the eyes of all living, to look upon me is to DIE.

I am a hidden kingdom that cannot be found by a map or directions, I am not from or of this creation.

I am hated of all men.....especially women!

Martyrs are an abomination to me. Sacrifice is a crime to me.

I cannot buy you as you cannot buy me. I paid no price for you, the world is mine and all therein.

My name is not yahweh, jesus christ, el, elohim, allah, or any other personal title because I am not a person.

I am not a human, I am not a spirit or a wind.

My shape cannot be seen, my voice is not heard with an ear.

I detest all religious rudiments, steeples and circes, offerings tithes and oaths.

I am a 'nameless one'.

Their is no magic password, no ritual, no confession or profession to gain me.

I am both above and below and all things testify of me.

I am alive, conscious and aware. You cannot communicate with me by prayer or meditation.

I am called a spirit, a father, the son, a sun, a star, a planet, a trinity, a messiah, a christ, a holy one, a prophet, a priest, a word, a judge, even God..........but am none of these!


Of all that know me, there are only 1 in 1000 that can answer, and a woman have I  not found.

I despise thrones, scepters, royal attire, I will not be worshiped, I will not take gifts, incense and oblations are an affront to me. You cannot flatter me, seduce me, have intercourse with me. You cannot win me, deceive me, work for me.

If i set myself upon you, there is no escape. To blaspheme me is to make your bed in the grave.

I am not a christian, a jew, an israelite, a gentile, a muslim, an image, a people, a race, a mufti, a sage, a man, a woman, or a child. I am not a seed, a nugget, riches, a multitude of friends or anything else that can be imagined etc.

I am ONE and all, and all in ONE

I am the God of all gods, Lord of all lords, King of kings

I have said YOU ARE ALL ME.

I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, thee only ALMIGHTY!

So, what am I?...........




  1. For once we have come to the same place, but the correct translation is God is Jove, not Love, but the true God IS Love. The Universe is a brain. Cells do not exist for themselves. If you watch the video, "what is life, is death real?" where we challenge our definition of life. Jung called it the collective unconsciousness and sychronicity. I have long since told people do not name or engender the diety. To do so is Idolatry.

    However, I have a problem with the idea God rules over everything. He seems to exalt the wicked if you ask me, he looks after the righteous, but rarely if at all does he do anything about evil, as Job has said the wicked prosper.

    1949 + 70 weeks = 2018 for everlasting righteousness, but we are closer to everlasting idiocy and another dark age instead.

    Get out of Babble. MOTHER SHIPTON Prophecies are the REAL DEAL.

  2. I have a question but what do you have against atheists? I'd be happy if you answered.

  3. Atheists, like theists, take their position based on the same precept as theists, lack of sufficient evidence. Atheism can become a 'rebound relationship' for someone who has seen through the quagmire of religion and wants to fill the void of 'i need to know'. Atheism is in essence an antithesis to theism and vice versa. Both deny the other based upon whatever evidence they feel sufficient. In both atheism and theism, its not about the truth, its about what I want to accept as truth. For me, i see truth in both sides of the aisle, but, I do not see THE truth in either side as empirical enough to make a decision to be maintained as a view in life. If you are persistent and hungry enough in your quest to know and find the truth, if you are involved in either side of the aisle you will eventually hit a dead end and realize something is missing thus cannot be THE truth. Personally, I believe its important to not sell ones self out for something you WANT to beleive in which is done by most who take their position on either side. Sometimes the best decision to make is the one not taken, that way when THE truth finally comes to the fore....or even doesn't, you are not stuck in a hole that makes you incapable of seeing THE truth. Is their THE truth? I believe so, and its not relative as that taken as in positions of atheism and theism.

  4. This post is fine, but the video he made about it is WORTHLESS. It's just 15 minutes of profanity and then he says God is love. But he says God creates Good and Evil. So what is really saying is that Love creates evil, which is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!

    The God of the Old Testament is SATAN, you worthless FUCK!
    You know DAMN WELL The God of the Bible is a MAN of sorrow and War. MAN creates Evil. MAN writes the Bible. Animals do not know good and evil. Nature does not create evil, you don't call Nature evil when a storm comes, Nature is going to do as it wildt, and if you don't get out, it's your fault.

    The devil burning in eternal fire is a NEW TESTAMENT concept only. God is Love appears ONLY in the New Testament. So get it through your thick fucked up skull, you lying pharisee!

    Hosea 13:6-9 The God of the old Testament admits he is the lion Bear Leopard beast of Revelation 13. You know this verse yet deliberately teach lies, saying we are the beast, eating meat is the beast. NOT ONE OF YOU PIECE OF SHIT PRIESTS who went to Seminary for 10+ Years will tell you about Hosea 13.

    Or Zechariah 11 for that matter. Read it closely, dumb shit. The narrator is JUDAS, who made the covenant with Beauty and Bands, and breaks his covenant, and becomes the Idol Shepherd, which is the ONE EYE in the pyramid, YOUR NAME.

    Judas Bible code "he who thirsts for the end of my innocence his home is an URN." Set URN, Saturn. Again having to do with your channel name, Eye Warn U before Eye 8 (Saturn) You. Before I 8 ball you with Saturn.

    Who say there is one God who is both Satan and God, so then it's okay to worship Satan? You are piece of shit Satanist, Hindu Cow Moon Worshipping Werewolf. You arrogant FUCK!

    You have your head so far up your ass you should be puking out your own body. If you don't fix this shit I am going to make videos to expose you as the Antichirst, Judas, the head honcho of the New World Order. You spent 25 years as a priest licking the Pope's butthole, and no you pretend to expose them. You're the same as any other shill, lots of Truth, but that 10% lies fucks you over every time.

    I am blocked from his youtube channel. Someone please bring this matter to my attention. If Godspell According to Eye and Meat the Beast videos are not removed, I will kick your ass from end of the internet to the other and make video after video to expose you.

    Godspell according to Eye, indicates you think of yourself as the All Seeing eye, it's NOT just the name of your channel. I am going to bind you up with Satan and seal you in the Abyss.

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  6. LOVE does not create EVIL, you worthless sack of shit! Godspell according to Eye, you put them into a spell, with your lying profane garbage videos. 30 years of study and this is the BEST you can do! Just admit that you're a Satanist and be done with it.

    You Hypocrite, who says don't play the game. Well you're playing the game, as Hindu faction. The Game can be Won, but when you win the Game, it Resets itself.

    YHWH is SATAN (YHWH Draco Overlord) All religion comes from the dragon.

    1. He is a Satanist
    2. He is a Hypocrite
    3. He is a moon / cow / bull god bullshit worshipper
    4. He attacks the Holy Spirit
    5. He deliberately lies about who and what is the beast 666
    6. He curses at you for 15 minutes and then says God is Love. 7. He was priest for 25 years, ALL priests work for Vatican.

    Jason follows what he calls the original vegan covenant of Genesis, but that covenant is with the seven headed dragon who makes the world in 7 days. The African word DA means Serpent, and look, this is the original Naacal Gensis from Lemuria. Jason Gunther used to have a forum with a section for discussing Lemuria, but he destroyed his forum and will not talk about it.

    What is the real root of Jasons anger? Is he a stereotypical Canadian? Rather, he is a cow worshipping Vegan Hindu. The cow they worship is Marduk, the slain solar bull, Abel, Baal, Yhwh, he is the bull god of the bible. Sex is Sect. Religion comes from Sex, it's all about the goddess and her bull. All religion is about cuckolding you, because it's all based on Eve having cuckolded Adam with a black man who was the serpent. No, Jason, we don't all come from the Indus valley 6000 years ago. Human civilization is millions of years old. The garden of Eden is in the Tamil / Lemurian continent.

    The real root of his angry is the Moon. ALL witchrcraft is about calling down the moon, and Judaism and all the other religions worship this moon god, who is Thoth, Yhwh, and the bull god Abel. The Werewolf is a symbol relating to the beast 666, as the moon causes a man to transform into a beast.

    Jason is the 12 Monkeys Messiah. That crazy NutJob who releases the animals to destroy civilization.

    I don't give a shit if the prophets and Jesus didn't eat meat. I don't give a shit if Constantine changed the bible to make it okay. You are a moron to say humans taught animals to eat meat. Humans did not teach whales to eat schools of fish. Much like all the other snobbish priests, you are incapable of understanding and accepting nature for what it is.

    If you want to be Vegan, fine, but don't raise yourself above everyone else and act like we should all be killed. You'll be the ones dying, because your muscles will be weak and your brains will be tiny. If you think only people who eat meat will die, that must mean you're part of an agenda to kill us.

    The Moon Hoax is verified. Look at this video, Nasa finally admits not going to the moon. A Nasa scientist talks about a new ship that will finally be able to cross the Van allen radiation belts. Didn't we do that back in 1967? NO, because Going to Moon is what the Tower of Babel, Babylon, aka Christianty is really all about, Apollo 11 ascends into heaven and the Astru Nuts even christened the event with communion wine, okay, so going to the moon is the same as Jesus ascending into heaven. Stanley Kubrick admits faking the moon landing. Jason, you clearly are NOT willing to any real research. You think your opinion is the only one that matters and everyone else should go fuck themselves.

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  8. YHWH is Judas the Draco Overlord. But YHWH also means Annunaki and refers to EVE. Therefore EVE became Judas, or JEW-US, because the Sun God goes into the age of JEW-US where the church / Jews (Same thing) hold the money bag and dip the sop in with him and edit his words and create the religion of the Christian Sun God for the church age.

    Lucifer = Morning Star = Venus = Eve.
    Adonai = Aton = Aaron = Akhenaten = Golden CAlf = Abel
    Obama = Abe L(incoln) reincarnated = JFK = 11611 or 1611
    Shapespear the Tempest which is about the Revelation.

    There is Only ONE SIN. Becoming Gods / Pharoah tyrant god kings. All of the gods and goddesses are Adam and Eve, or Adams family = The Addams Family. Thing is the hand of Glory.

    Judas = Eve = Lillith = Serpent. Lillith is the black moon and mother of all demons. She took the name Eve when she became the mother of ALL the living, but as there was Cain's wife and the people Cain was worried would Kill him, it is obvious Blacks and Asians were the pre-adamic serpent seed.

    Elijah comes to restore all things. This is also why the Jews want to kill the white race, because the Drag-ON bites his tail, and the Program or Game repeats itself. Mother Shipton Prophecies even say that Lemuria will rise from the ocean.

    Mother Shipton Prophecies

    Eve is the moon goddess, and we also have the Sun Goddess, the woman clothed with the sun. These are the two women with 2 wings who take the Ephah to Shinar (This is wickedness) = Judas = Greece = Leopard with 4 wings. The Bear is Peter and the Mouth of the Lion is Paul. Geb was also called the Green Lion and Paul said Christ is the second Adam, but remember that christ is the thorn of Satan in Paul's flesh.

    Saul of Tarsus did NOT become Apostle Paul. Instead he traveled with Apollos. This was Paul. Apollonius of Tyana, upon whom both Paul and Jesus were based. The words of Apollonius were recorded by his scribe, Damis the ASSYRIAN.

    The Idol Shepherd is the least discusses form of the antichrist. Zechariah 11, Judas faithfully obeys the Lord Satan, and the Potter is the real God. He turned himself in for 30 silver. There was no cross in Christian Art until much later. Paul Said Christ was cursed for hanging on a tree. After the 30 silver betrayal, Judas hung himself.

    Jesus Crucified is really Judas. 30 silver = 3 shepherds cut off in one month, Alchemical Metal of the MOON. so this i all about the moon, witchcraft is all about the Moon. Peter, Judas, and Paul, the three apostles associated with Satan.

    1776 Mystery of God, creation of Light, Peter the Apostle, Lord of the Sabbath, the stone with 7 eyes, and Peter has 7 lines in the Gospels. Peter caught 153 fish in John 21 = Revelation 21, 21:17 153 - 144 = 9. Rev 9, The locust sting for 5 months = 153 days.

    Judas is Scorpio, Paul is Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder, and Peter is Saggitarius, the only Zodiac sign that is half man half beast. But there are 2 Peters just as there are 3 Johns. Simon Bar Giora is the original Peter / Robin Hood who was killed at the temple of Jupiter, and turned into Jew Peter.

    the other peter is Capricorn, Simon Zealot, and Dec 25 / 52 weeks. 5+2=7 heads. 5x2=10 horns. This Peter is Ralh Ellis Jesus the Egyptian Prophet, because Christ is the Sun. The original King Arthur. Jesus and Peter were crossdressing Eunuch Freemason Assassians known as Galileans.

  9. Okay, so is this clear enough for ya? The God of the Old Testament is Satan, ONLY the God of the NT is Love, because Love does not create evil. The God of the NT is called Light and in him there is no darkness at all. Dualism is correct! All things in Nature come in pairs. One God = SINgularity. There is your black hole sun, motherfocker!

    Judas IS YHWH IS Eve who became Gods along with Adam Atum Shu/Yeshua and Geb. EVE is the EYE. The Fem Eye Nine, all seeing eye, hidden within the Masked Q Line, of Q Source Jesus, because YHWH was originally female, Lucifer is really female, Christ is really female. Ther were all turned into men with rise of Patriarchy. The Ptah Archs destroyed Egypt's

    1. Golden
    2. Maat
    3. Tree
    4. Arch
    8. All
    7. Gnu
    6. Age

    of (26 letters divide by 7 and 9)

    1 HOVA (Jehovah)
    2 BWPI Black White PI (Goddess)
    3 QJCX Q Source Jesus Christ on the Cross
    4 RKYD Royal Key of David
    5 SELZ Saturn EL Z26 word of God
    6 TFM (Trans females Males)
    7 GNU (Knew world order)

    7 thunders can speak out of order. 8 SELZ 7 GNU to 6 TFM

    GOD = 26. Free May Sun Re, receiving of Amen Ra on May 26. Daniel 5:26 "GOD has numbered thy kingdom and finished it."

    GOD = 7 headed serpent + 15 Satan + 4 On the cross / builder

    Thor takes 9 steps and dies when he kills the world snake.

    1 SAJ (SAGE of 666 Paths PTAH) Saturn Adam Geb El
    2 BKT (Be Katie Cats Eye) The original all seeing eye
    3 CLU / LUC (Lucifers Lucky Clue)
    4 DMV (De Envy / Enmity)
    5 WEN / NEW
    6 FOX 666 (Fox Ea locks See, Chicken little horn has 26 lines)
    7 GYP + ET = Egypt
    8 HQZ
    9 IR (Babylon

    365 day year made by Thoth the MOON God. 7 days, 52 weeks. The beast/Dragon. The original 360 day year is 40 weeks, 9 days each.

    This is why we have Windows 7 and Windows 10, and Windows 8 was a flop because the beast goes into perdition and there is no windows 9, because Thoth (MOON) added 5 extra days to the year.

  10. Satan is god of the OT, but some of it connects with the real God who is Love. Where God in isaiah says animal sacrifice is an abomination, and we have 1000+ contradictions in the black and gold bible Cube of Satan, which is really the Kaaba of Allah, Kaballah, and has the Vagina. The cube is really about the Goddess, not old man Saturn.

    In the Kabbalah Eve is the Queen of heaven, and the 10 Sephiroth (Seth Horus) or the 10 Ptah Archs make the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The whole thing is Kaballah.

    The African word DA means Serpent. Thus the 7 DAys of the 7 headed Snake DAddy of the Sun. Black Magic came from the black man. The 7 headed dragon is the God of China and the Asians. Black and Asians were the people of the Serpent made on Day 6, really Day 7 in the original Lemurian, but in the Bible version mankind is made on day and given 666.

    If you look at article 666 Gods secret Place. The Gematria for the Serpent links up with the False Prophet. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden is the False Prophet of the Revelation.

    In China, Dragons are associated with Thunder. So the 7 Thunders are the 7 days of Creation, and the 7 heads of the Dragon. If there is Time no longer, it because the Serpent bites his tail, and the Drag-ON / Program repeats itself in an endless timeloop.

    The Athiest is saved because he doesn't worship anything. All the religious are damned because the devil fooled the entire world, they shall all follow the beast into the lake of fire. What can Death and Reincarnation be cast into? An endless timeloop because the mystery of the Babble is Time Travel.

    "Before Abraham was, I AM. You have me until the end of the world." Heb 9:26 He dies once at the end of the ages. The Lamb who is slain from the foundation of the world. Alpha Omega, but not anything in between. The beast who was, is not, and yet is. The Serpent God Quetzalcoatl on the cross, who is the IMAGE of YHWH the Amen Ra, Lord from Egypt in Hosea 13.

    The beast exalts himself above everything ever worshipped. "No one comes to the father but through me." He sits in the temple of God showing he is God. "I and my father are one." He kills the two witnesses. Moses was denied the promised land, and Elijah / John was beheaded in the NT.

    "Then shall be tribulation not since the beginning of the world, nor shall ever be again." Not even in a billion years? As in the days of Noah so shall the end be. In the Q Source Gospel of Thomas Jesus said "Have you found the beginning, for that is where the end will be."

    The Rapture / Rupture is called the DIVIDING of TIME. When 0 becomes 8, one world becomes two, Rev 10 Mystery of God, YHWH Eve on the Wheel of Fortune, becomes Rev 18 Fall of Babylon.

    2 Esdras Archangel Uriel says "This world is made for many but the world to come is made for few." About 500 million, because everything on Georgia Guidestones comes from the Bible.

    "Those who inherit that age do not marry, neither can they die anymore." Marriage in the oldest dictionaries is defined as prostitution. Monogamy is fine, but marriage is a contract with the state, and requires a pharisee / priest.

    Christian Sex cult / Dionysus mysteries: (3 hours)

    Christ spoke in parables so that they would not repent lest they turn and be forgiven. IF your name is writen from the foudnation of the world, as in Eternal Security, then you must go back in time. This is the mystery kept hidden from the foundation of the world. TEMPORAL PRIME DIRECTIVE.

    They cannot be allowed to Repent, or they won't continue to worship the beast, and thus will not go back in time. Historians find ancient cultures sprang up from nowhere fully developed.

    Biff Tannen is based on Donald Trump. 2017 = Back to the Future.

    "When Babylon falls they will each return to his own people."
    The moon landing was fake, and the Tower is about to fall.

  11. As concerning this reality, there are two important symbols. The Hexagram and the Pentagram. This symbolizes the five sided human being trapped within the cube of space/time.


    1+2+8=11 Master Planner. Inner number 3 (Trinity of Space)


    6+9+7=22 Master Builder (22=4 Builder) Trinity of Time

    11 + 22 = 33

    1=7 One Universe, 7 is Death / Harvest
    2=8 Duality and Infinity
    3=4 Space and Time
    6=9 Male and Female
    5=10 (5 sided human temple, 1 Male, 0 Female)

    10 in Qabalah is where Energy becomes Dead Matter
    7 is the number of Harvest, the Scythe. Rest or Death.

    7 and 10 is where we die. The beast, who is DEATH.
    "The final enemy to be defeated is Death."

    The 3D Line is how we view death:

    Up/Down = Belief in Eternal Heaven or Hell
    Sideways = Reincarnation
    Forward/Back = Zoroastrian Zombie Ressurection

    The Great Spirit creates, it is a 1D line of change/time. From nothing to something. The 1D oversoul goes into 2D Spirits. Demons are 2D Holograms, I have seen them. They need sacred geometry / witchcraft symbols that project 3D to enter our reality. The 2D spirits are put into 3D bodies, which go into 4D Space/Time, within 5D Eternity.

    THOTH is the Book with 7 Seals.

  12. And just because I believe Moon Landing is Fake, FLAT EARTH is Bullshit, and I'll tell you why. These are demons, who through Eve/Lillith, become Living Flesh. They do not belong in our world. If one normally reincarnates, it is obvious the Earth is ROUND.

    The Sun rises and sets, there is day and night. THIS alone is enough to completel debunk a flat earth, and is all I will ever say to them on the subject, it is the end all, period.

    The Christ (SUN) will say to those fools "I do not know you." They do not know the sun. Their lamps go out forever. They no longer reincarnate. Flat Earthers are Fallen Angels.

  13. Aton / Adon Eye / Satan. Can you Say Ten? / Aten / Akhenaton / Barack Obama / Lightning from Heaven / Lightning Flash on the Tree of Life.

    Phoebe of Chychnia has the same title as Christ!
    Phoebe is Paul's Letter Deliverer.

    10 Epistles of Paul = 10 Sephiroth (Seth and Cain are the same person. Seth Horus) 1 Abyss = Book of Hebrews. 4 Worlds of Cabala = 4 Gospels. 22 Paths on Tree of Life = 22 Chapter book of Revelation. Lightning Flash = Jude, fallen angels. The Serpent climbing the tree = Paul. Acts 9:18 / Job 41:15

    So as you can see, every book in the New Testament fits perfectly on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The names of the 10 Ptah Archs from Seth to Noah encode the message about the dying God granting Salvation to those in Sorrow.

    39 Old Tesmament books + 1 NT Cabala = 40.

    26 + 40 + 153 Fish = 219 = 12 Zodiac board Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark is based on the Cube of Gilgamesh. The new Jerusalem. Te Golden City. MECCA and the KAABA of the Goddess, The Center of the Milky way black hole is orbited by the Stars / Muslims and in Egypt they taught that humans are stars.

    The 7 Beast Kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar 888 King of Kings

    1 Lemuria / MU
    2 Egypt
    3 Babylon
    4 Persia
    5 Greece
    6 Rome
    7 A merry Cow

    America is Marduk with 50 names. America is a corporation thus a person, not a country. America is the slain bull God out of whose mouth comes MU, the MOOn, expression of the Cow and thought to be a Cosmic Egg, and the cow jumps over the moon, and the moon is made of Cheese?

    Why are there so many dairy references when it comes to the Moon? The Cows and Chickens are killed in disgusting slaughterhouses. I do not approve of this. It is due to Christian Hypocrisy. Either forbid eating meat or if eating meat is okay, then every church ought to be raising and killing grass fed cattle and chickens when they are old.

    The Moon God IS SIN, as in Final Fantasy 10, the entity known as SIN, the flood of Noah, the MOON controls the Tide.

    Moon Goddess YAHWEH / IAH / Queen Ahhotep 17th Dynasty
    Sun Goddess Allat / Allah

    The Sun will be darkened and the moon will not shine.

    The Sun will be ashamed and the moon confounded when the Lord of Hosts reigns and when the Ancient of Days comes the Saints will take back the kingdom.

    Those same Saints who didn't completely fall away, but were given to the Paul until the dividing of time.

    ROFL I am rolling on the floor laughing that you would forsake Christianity for Caste System Hindu bullshit. What Satanists you priests really are. Perversity for the sake of Complication. All religious rituals are WITCHCRAFT.

    Luke 10:18 I beheld Satan as lightning falling from heaven.
    Rev 10 to Rev 18. Mystery of God to Fall of Babylon.

    ALL indications are the world will end and begin all over again. The Creation, or the C(hrist)Re-Ate(n(8-Zion

    Or maybe it's just gnostic baloney after all. The stars will fall, the heaven will be rolled up like a scroll. None of this is logical, it's like living in a computer Matrix.

    The May Tricks of Amen Ra, the Lured of Free May Sun Re.

    Adam and Eve put on their APRONS made from Fig Leaves. Parable of the Fig Tree.

  14. Oops, forget 3 johns, 2 peters, and 1 James. these fit on the Three veils of Non Existence on The Tree of Life.

    Philemon is 1 book. Kether
    Timothy has 2 books. Chokmah
    Titus has 3 chapters. Binah.

    The other 7 are the 7 places Paul sent his epistles.

  15. In Freemasonry, the Apostle Paul is considered the All Seeing Eye. Rather, he is the mouth of the Lion, the Green Lion Geb, who is Adam, and Christ is the second Adam, but Christ is the thorn of Satan in Pauls flesh. The Serpent Leviathan.

    The REAL Adam was kicked out of the Garden by Eve / Lillith. The false Adam is SAMAEL the Serpent. He takes the place of Adam. So it all makes perfect sense, expressed in dollars and cents, pounds, shillings and pense. Can't you say, that it all makes perfect sense?

    ($ The E-Con-Enemy is about to Collapse)

    Little Black Soul departs with Perfect Focus...

    What God wants, Get gods, God help us all.




    "Ye shall be Gods."
    "Have I not said ye are Gods"

    Alan Watts - YOU are God.

    "You are all gods and sons of the most high."

    So, as you can see, Jason Gunther, who likes Alan Watts, agrees that we are Gods, and agrees with the Lie of Serpent.

    Jason Gunther is Judas = Eve = EYE = Fem Eye Nine.

    Can't you see.... It ALL makes Perfect Sense

  16. Paul was found in the house of Judas. Ophuichus is between and joins Scorpio and Sagittarius. It also is direct in alignment to the center black hole.

    From Earth to the Center of the Milky Way is 26,000 light years. It takes 260,000,000 years to completely circle it. 26 is the number of GOD, the number that unlocks everything.

    1 and 2 Peter are not written by Peter, who is illerate, but by Paul. So Judas, Paul, and Peter stand as one Trinity, just as Atum, Geb, and Shu the God ATUM. For Geb (Earth) became A TOMB, and Death was the error of our ways.

    So Apostle Paul is the Trinity and the All Seeing Eye is Phoebe / Eve / Judas / Christ.

    America is also Amaruca, land of the Serpent. The god of Lemuria is the seven headed serpent. Are you an A-Mary-Cain? The A Mary Cow says MU, and the land of MU will return.

    Only those who embrace the 9 can escape the 7. The endless timeloop of the 7 beast kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar.

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  20. Christ was the second Adam. The second garden of Eden. The church reigned with Christ for 1000 years, after which the rest of the dead were ressurected.

    1000 years of Fabricated History. The real year is 1016

    The Cabala and the Electric Universe (VERY important)

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  23. What you said about love contradicts with what you wrote in the end "YOU STUPID, EVIL, IGNORANT, ATHEISTS AND XTIAN JUDEO MUSLIM THEOTARDS!".
    You can only put one thing in your heart, either love or NOT Love. The last statement clearly shows that it was void of love. The rest was very nice.

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  25. I am hated of all men.....especially women.

    Of all that know me, there are only 1 in 1000 that can answer, and a woman have I not known.

    I AM LOVE!

    So according to you only 1 in 1000 men answer to love but a woman will never answer to love?
    All men hate love but women especially hate love?
    If women are void and null to love it is because human existence is tilted to the Male Ego.

    1. Yeah, he is full of himself, but so was I. If anyone is curious, I refined my thoughts into the video EyeWarnUB4Eye8U exposed.