Thursday, November 24, 2016

What Am I?

(I am a deconverted christian minister of near 30 years. Expert in etymology, paleography, ancient linguistics, eschatology, hermeneutics etc. Deconverted from everything but one thing.......)

I am hidden from the land of the living.

Their is nothing higher or greater then I.

I cannot be bought or sold, if all the wealth in the world were offered for me, it would be utterly condemned.

I am not found in a church or a book, i am not found  in the earth or at the farthest reaches of the universe.

I am kept secret from the birds of the air.

I am not a man or an omnipotent sky fairy.

I am the most powerful force known to exist.

I created all that is seen, the universe, mankind, all that exists.

I am the 'first cause', the 'source', I am the 'creator'.

I am eternal and transcend time and space.

When I am found, their are no questions left to be answered, all fears are extinguished, all hopes and dreams fulfilled.

When you have found me, THEN will you never die. I cannot be found on the other side of the grave.

I have never made a promise to you, I have never sworn an oath to you.

I am so far away, light years cannot measure, and so close there is no room between us.

All books of religion and myth speak of me, your poets and bards profess me.

I make all things grow, and die.

Without me, there is NOTHING.

I am the pearl of great price, the apple of the eye, the greatest of all treasures.

I am LIVING among the walking dead.

I am a most vehement flame, an unquenchable fire without cessation.

I am as strong as the grave, and as cruel as death!

I will not be mocked, scoffed at, abused, used, taken advantage of etc.etc.

Adulterers, blasphemers, criminals, harlots, whoremongerers, the faithless, abusers of themselves with mankind, all liars, all sinners etc. know me not and are far from me. I do NOT love sinners.

All those who know and have found me sin not and live forever.

Their is no pardon or forgiveness if you transgress or depart from me, there is nowhere to run.

I am just and I judge all things.

Laws are a shadow of me.

I am the ruler and king over all. I rule over all sky fairies, all divinities, all messiahs and christs.

I do not evolve and I do not change.


I am hidden from the eyes of all living, to look upon me is to DIE.

I am a hidden kingdom that cannot be found by a map or directions, I am not from or of this creation.

I am hated of all men.....especially women!

Martyrs are an abomination to me. Sacrifice is a crime to me.

I cannot buy you as you cannot buy me. I paid no price for you, the world is mine and all therein.

My name is not yahweh, jesus christ, el, elohim, allah, or any other personal title because I am not a person.

I am not a human, I am not a spirit or a wind.

My shape cannot be seen, my voice is not heard with an ear.

I detest all religious rudiments, steeples and circes, offerings tithes and oaths.

I am a 'nameless one'.

Their is no magic password, no ritual, no confession or profession to gain me.

I am both above and below and all things testify of me.

I am alive, conscious and aware. You cannot communicate with me by prayer or meditation.

I am called a spirit, a father, the son, a sun, a star, a planet, a trinity, a messiah, a christ, a holy one, a prophet, a priest, a word, a judge, even God..........but am none of these!


Of all that know me, there are only 1 in 1000 that can answer, and a woman have I  not found.

I despise thrones, scepters, royal attire, I will not be worshiped, I will not take gifts, incense and oblations are an affront to me. You cannot flatter me, seduce me, have intercourse with me. You cannot win me, deceive me, work for me.

If i set myself upon you, there is no escape. To blaspheme me is to make your bed in the grave.

I am not a christian, a jew, an israelite, a gentile, a muslim, an image, a people, a race, a mufti, a sage, a man, a woman, or a child. I am not a seed, a nugget, riches, a multitude of friends or anything else that can be imagined etc.

I am ONE and all, and all in ONE

I am the God of all gods, Lord of all lords, King of kings

I have said YOU ARE ALL ME.

I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, thee only ALMIGHTY!

So, what am I?...........