Thursday, June 2, 2016


    If you have not come across this nightmare then your 'lucky'. Between 4.8 and 5.6 % of the global population is affected by this near incurable disorder and with over 43% of those not diagnosed and untreated. Most all of your movie personalities portraying the seriously mentally ill "psycho" that goes on a murder rampage or obsessively destroys the lives of others on film are portraying this extremely volatile and debilitating mental illness including Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Charlize Theron in 'Monster', Robert Mitchum in 'Cape Fear' and on and on. In fact, 99% of the movies made on the subject are depicting someone having "borderline personality disorder' or rather BPD as its called by the medical profession. If this disorder is not diagnosed and treated early in an individuals life, it will be near IMPOSSIBLE later on to get help to curb the effects of the illness. It is not treated with drugs although they are prescribed to treat side effects from the illness. BPD is a "thought process' impairment that is developed during infancy and adolescence. Contrary to the generic reasons given by most clinicians as the cause of the disorder, child molestation and or physical traumatic abuse is NOT, I repeat, NOT the main statistical cause of the condition. The number 1 cause of BPD is.......ABANDONMENT AND REJECTION...... by a parent or caregiver. This is why ABANDONMENT AND REJECTION is the number 1 fear of someone suffering from the disorder. Over 80% of those diagnosed with BPD were.....MISDIAGNOSED.....with something else, atypically bi-polar disorder and a doctor who has misdiagnosed will NOT change their diagnoses which can make them liable for previous problems the victim with the condition was involved in, or has incurred including damage by prescription drugs prescribed to them under a misdiagnoses and crimes commited. The stigma attached to the disorder is ingrained in the psychological profession. A majority of  psychologists wont touch or take on patients with BPD because of the patients compulsive LYING AND MANIPULATION, lack of CONSCIENCE and because treatment is not cost effective which involves YEARS of intensive psycho-analytic 'talk' therapy because as I said, the disorder is a LEARNED disorder that leaves the victim impaired with emotional incapability that begins when the ABANDONMENT AND REJECTION begun. Most "quacks" in psychology make handing out a pill the end responsibility of there "treatment", thus intensive psychotherapy will not be "lucrative' for them.The first 3 years of an infants life depends upon nurturing and care by the mother and or father of a child. A mother or father who NEGLECTS a child during this stage of life will leave that infant more then likely permanently damaged which leads to the development of the disorder. LACK OF NATURAL LOVE is the premiere trait of those having the disorder, as well as the cause of it. A mature adult having the disorder will be intelligent, seemingly responsible, and productive. However, they will have the emotional maturity of an adolescent and when the BPD victim is in episode, will act like a child with one added trait. They will exhibit NO EMPATHY, COMPASSION and show NO CONSCIENCE for any of their actions. They will turn into a JUVENILE DELINQUENT, commit crimes,  harm people, harm themselves and engage in what is called "projection", casting the blame of their actions upon innocent people. Those with the disorder, especially if untreated, will have a history of short intense relationships that dissolve. The borderline will use SEX as a manipulative means to trap its 'prey' for the very reason that those with BPD have no real love or empathy and they LOATHE THEMSELVES because of it and because they never received any real love that caused the disorder in the first place! BORDERLINES ARE PREDATORY! Their flagrant acts of 'love' are SUPERFICIAL and surface deep. They try desperately to draw people to them, gain attention, get you to accept and love them BECAUSE THEY HATE THEMSELVES INSIDE AND DONT HAVE WHAT THEY DESIRE, LOVE. If you have ever been in a relationship with someone having the disorder then you will know first hand THE TREACHERY of the BPD victim. They will exalt you, make you out to be the centre of the universe, shower you with praise in person and in front of witnesses but behind your back they will trash you to any "victim" of their lies and manipulation as a way of maintaining self esteeem and to ever have a 'cause' for their self loathing and inability to truly LOVE. If you have a romantic relationship with one, you can be rest assured they will BETRAY you and ABANDON you. If you have children with them, you can be rest assured they will ABANDON THEIR CHILDREN and engage in acts of child abuse all the whilst they blame YOU for it. They will come off with absurd LIES having no basis in reality if they can convince their victim and they can be extremely convincing and is why a majority of psychologists refuse to take them on as patients. They are ACTORS par excellence and if they are a woman having an "acting out' form of BPD, they will display the "poor waif" complex, crocodile tears and lies of projection WHILE THEY ARE THE GUILTY OFFENDING PARTY!. The most predominant feature displayed will be in their 'projection'. If they accuse you of infidelity, YOU CAN BET THEY ARE THE ONES DOING IT. If they cry they have been physically or verbally abused, YOU CAN BET THEY ARE THE OFFENDER. Borderlines "hate the light" and dwell in 'darkness'. They have an incessant need to associate with STRANGERS because starngers DO NOT KNOW THEM. Once they do and find out how severe there problem is, they ABANDON THEM thus a borderline incessantly fabricates a distant superficial persona to protect themselves. BPD's are "loud' and intensily try to draw attention to themselves in how they act, what they wear etc. They usually suffer from other personality disorders on top of BPD such as HISTRIONIC, PARANOID, SCHIZOID, ANTI-SOCIAL, NARCISSISTIC etc. Lies, manipulation, betrayal, broken promises, infidelity, physical and verbal abuse, all the while blaming YOU for what their doing! THE BPD CRIES OUT WHEN THEY KICK YOU which makes them one of the most dangerous creatures walking on two legs and to be avoided at all costs especially if undiagnosed and untreated. Borderlines have the capability to SERIAL MURDER GROUPS OF PEOPLE AND BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE just as Aieleen Wuornos did!. They will assault you and accuse YOU of doing it to them to anyone who buys into their lies. Even if they are caught by the law in their crimes, they will maintain THEY were violated! So deep is there wound, they are unable to take responsibility for their actions and thats the majority of those left untreated end up ALONE, HOMELESS, INCARCERATED, DRUG AND ALCOHOL AND "SEX" DEPENDENT or commit suicide. They engage in flagrant frivolous sex as a means of feeling "loved". Affection and "love' is only SKIN DEEP for them. They cannot be FAITHFUL and enduring in any relationship they have and when that relationship dissolves, they will OBSESSIVELY STALK YOU in the future. They were abandoned and rejected that caused their disorder, they will not take abandonment or rejection from anyone. Thats why if your relationship dissolves, the BPD will stalk you and your new mate in a relationship. YOU DONT HAVE A CHOICE, THEY ARE "ROBOTS" once their ideation begins in their psychosis. If they were spurned in the past by a relationship, THEY WILL STALK YOU because they will not and do not take no for an answer.They will try and regain your relationship and THREATEN AND OR HARM YOUR NEW LOVE INTEREST ala 'Glenn Close'. If you try to leave them they will threaten SUICIDE or actually do it.You cannot 'reason' with a BPD because reason is not part of their vocabulary. They were harmed as an infant and HARM is the only 'medicine' they know AS REVENGE. The inside joke amongst many clinicians in the field is, if you see a borderline, TURN AND RUN THE OTHER WAY. In the world of the BPD, EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN. Hyper-religiosity, projection, persecutory ideation are all MASKS hiding the depravity they engage in. They indirectly or directly ABUSE themselves and others as a way to "feel" because thats what happened to them when they entered the world and whats good for the goose is good for the gander in their demented mentality. They will justify CHILD ABUSE  they engage in because they were abused. If you retaliate in anyway from the actions of a borderline, either verbal or physical, you can be rest assured YOU are painted as the offender and they innocent. A BPD can flip like a light switch at any given moment for no reason you can deduce. They ideate REAL OR "IMAGINED" paranoia and engage in an 'offensive' to counter their sick delusions!. If they sense either real or imagined abandonment or rejection, THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU FIRST AS A SAMSON OPTION! They will up and leave and "run away" for no apparent reason. They will engage in infidelity and adultery for no apparent reason because as stated, their ideation can be based upon the real or IMAGINED. Just as the infant who gets scared of a loud noise or something insignificant, if the mother or parent does not comfort the infant, that child can be PERMANANTLY TRAUMATIZED and retain a paranoia of 'imaginary' harm against them in the future as they they grow to maturity. The BPD victim suffers from paranoid ideation of IMAGINARY HARM as an adult. If a mother or father engaged in abandonment for instance, such as not changing an infants diapers when they wet or soiled themselves, a BPD may have a problem of wetting or soiling themselves into maturity!. Over 95% of all relationships involving someone with BPD dissolves. Over 50% will be charged with a felony. Near 25% will commit suicide and the bleak stats only get worse. Professionals who deal with this particular disorder call a relationship with someone BPD "the impossible connection". The criterion in the DSM is as follows.....

  1. frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.
  2. a pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterised by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.
  3. identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.
  4. impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g. spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating). This does not include suicidal or self-harming behaviour.
  5. recurrent suicidal behaviour, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behaviour.
  6. affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood - intense feelings that can last from a few hours to a few days.
  7. chronic feelings of emptiness.
  8. inappropriate intense anger or difficulty controlling anger.
  9. transient, stress-related paranoid ideas or severe dissociative symptoms