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The Secret Is SIRIUS - THE BLACK SUN!!! - Part II

Mt 2:2  Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

           Their is a deeper meaning to the appellation "Dogs are mans best friend"!. The church of rome at inception was vicariously against "astrology" and 'astronomy" and was condemned by the earliest leaders. However, according to the "Troparion" of the eastern orthodox church we read.......

"Your birth, O Christ our God,
dawned the light of knowledge upon the earth.
For by Your birth those who adored stars
were taught by a star

to worship You, the Sun of Justice,
and to know You, Orient from on High.
O Lord, glory to You."

      Its a common and well known established fact by writers in antiquity to acknowledge the fact that the "star in the east" and the 3 'magi' that followed are THE STAR SIRIUS AND THE 3 BELT STARS OF ORION. A close scrutiny of the etymology regarding the word "magi" will uncover the root word "ASTER" which is greek for the word 'star'.

      Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Vol. I - "It was the object of wonder and veneration to all ancient peoples." Perhaps, now where on Earth has Sirius maintained a longer and more consistent tradition than in ancient Mesopotamia. Here in the "Cradle of Western Civilization," the star has known many similar names/meanings: Its old Akkadian name was Mul-lik-ud, which means: "the Dog Star of the Sun." In Babylonia, Sirius was known as Kakkab-lik-ku, which means: "Star of the Dog." The Assyrians knew Sirius as Kal-bu-sa mas, ("the Dog of the Sun"). In Chaldea, the star was called Kak-shisha, or "the Dog Star that Leads," and also Du-shisha, "the Director." The later Persians referred to Sirius as Tir, meaning "the Arrow."

 The magi told Herod that they saw the star "in the East,"[56] "at its rising",[11] which may imply the routine appearance of a constellation, or an asterism. One theory interprets the phrase in Matthew 2:2, "in the east," as an astrological term concerning a "heliacal rising." This idea was first proposed by Heinrich Voigt in 1911,[57]. Two modern translators of ancient astrological texts insist that the text has nothing to do with either a heliacal or an acronycal rising of a star.[58]

"The Blazing Star in our Lodges, we have already said, represents Sirius, Anubis, or Mercury, Guardian and Guide of Souls. Our Ancient English brethren also considered it an emblem of the Sun. In the old Lectures they said: ‘The Blazing Star or Glory in the centre refers us to that Grand Luminary the Sun, which enlightens the Earth, and by its genial influence dispenses blessings to mankind. It is also said in those lectures to be an emblem of Prudence. The word Prudentia means, in its original and fullest signification, Foresight: and accordingly the Blazing Star has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-Seeing Eye, which to the Ancients was the Sun.[vi] - Albert Pike; Morals & Dogma

    Saturn was worshiped among the Egyptians under the name of Raiphan, or, as it is called in the Septuagint, Remphan. St. Stephen, quoting the passage of Amos, says, "ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch and the star of your god Remphan'' (see Acts vii, 43).
    Hale, in his analysis of Chronology, says in alluding to this passage : "There is no direct evidence that the Israelites worshiped the dog-star in the wilderness, except this passage; but the indirect is very strong, drawn from the general prohibition of the worship of the sun, moon, and stars, to which they must have been prone.
    And this was peculiarly an Egyptian idolatry, where the dog-star was worshiped, as notifying by his heliacal rising, or emersion from the sun's rays, the regular commencement of the periodical inundation of the Nile. And the Israelite sculptures at the cemetery of Kibroth-Hattaavah, or graves of lust, in the neighborhood of Sinai, remarkably abound in hieroglyphics of the dog-star, represented as a human figure with a dog's head. That they afterwards sacrificed to the dog-star, there is express evidence in Josiah's description of idolatry, where the Syriac Mazaloth (improperly, termed planets) denotes the dog-star; in Arabic, Mazaroth."Fellows (in his Exposition of the Mysteries, page 7) says that this dog-star, the Anubis of the Egyptians, is the Blazing Star of Freemasonry, and supposing that the 1atter is a symbol of Prudence, which indeed it was in some of the ancient lectures, he goes on to remark ; ''What connection can possibly exist between a star and prudence, except allegorically in reference to the caution that was indicated to the Egyptians by the first appearance of this star, which warned them of approaching danger.''

 Job 38:32  Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

Mazzaroth - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


       The word is traditionally (following LXX) left untranslated (ABC, ACV, AKJ, ASV, BBE, BIB, ESV, GNV, HNV, JPS, K21, KJG, KJR, KJV, NAB, NKJ, NRS, NWT, RSV, RWB, TMB, TNK, UPD, WEB, YLT, LXE, ZIK), but some modern English Bible translations render it as "zodiac" (AMP, CJB, EMP, LEE); others have "constellations" (CJB, CSB, DBY, NET, ERV, GWN, LEE, LIT, MKJ, NAS, NAU, NIB, NIV, TNV, WEV) or "stars" (CEV, NCB, NIR, NLV, TEV).
But as the Latin Vulgate renders the word as "luciferum", there are alternative English translations as "morning star" (CVB, TRC, also Luther's 1545 German translation, as Morgenstern); "day star" (DRA); "Venus" (MSG); "Crown season" (NJB); "sequence of seasons" (NLT); "Lucifer, 'that is, dai sterre (day star)" (Wycliffe's Bible). WES[clarification needed] gives "stars in the southern signs".

Sirius: The Bright and Morning Star
Authors: Lanneau, J. F.
Journal: Popular Astronomy, vol. 19, pp.393-398

    "Sirius, viewed in any phase, poetic, scientific, historic, or messianic, is 'chief leader' of all the glittering host of heaven. Their is full warant for the metric outburst historically: HAIL MIGHTY SIRIUS, MONARCH OF THE SUNS".

Re 2:28  And I will give him the morning star.

Re 22:16  I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

Isa 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

2Pe 1:19  We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:

Ac 7:43  Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    According to Homer (in The Iliad), King Priam of Troy, observed Sirius from the rampart walls as Achilles aproached from the plain beyond, and stated at the sight: "Blazing as the star that cometh forth at Harvest-time, shining forth amid the host of stars in the darkness of the night, the star who's men call Orion's Dog. Brightest of all is he..." By early autumn (harvest-time) Sirius was well above the eastern horizon, given the amount of precession occurring in the last 4000 years. Homer also referred to Sirius as the "Star of Autumn." Although, today, we generally associate it with the winter sky, when it rises at sunset. Plutarch called Sirius "the Leader." The classical Greeks associated Sirius with the scorching heat of summer, rising earlier each day before the sun as the days of summer advanced. In face, the name we now use, Sirius, derives from the word: Seirios, which means "the Scorcher." As these civilizations recognized Sirius' constellation as the Great Dog, the term "Dog Days" came into being, and this term is still in use to this day to conote the hottest days of late summer, typically August. The Romans continued this tradition. The poet, Virgil, writing in the first century BCE, in The Aeneid, states: "the Dog Star, that burning constellation, when he brings drought and disease to sickly mortals, rises and saddens the sky with inauspicious light." In ancient times, the color of Sirius was often referred to as red, reddish, or ruddy, and the star was sometimes calley Bloody, and referred to as Blazing like fire. (Although blazing may have simply been a reference to its brightness). Was Sirius red in ancient times? Did its color change over the last several thousand years? This is yet another mystery associated with the brightest of stars, Sirius. In The Iliad, Homer referres to Sirius gleaming like Achilles' copper shield. Earlier, the Babylonians referred to Sirius as Kak-si-di, which meant "shining like copper." Granted both writings were done during the bronze age, when copper was the commonly used metal, and so would have perhaps been a common metaphor for something shiny or brilliant. However, both the Greek writer Aratus, and the Roman poet and writer Cicero referred to Sirius' color as "ruddy." Seneca, Nero's tutor, stated that Sirius was "redder than Mars" and compared it to Jupiter which he states is not at all red, (Mars is quite reddish, while Jupiter has a distinct yellowish tint to the naked eye.) Another clue is the fact that in the days of ancient Rome, "ruddy dogs" were sacrificed to the "Dog Star", Sirius; (ruddy dogs, and dog star seem to indicate some connection with color). Even more telling is a statement by Ptolomy, one of the greatest natural scientists and geographers of Roman history, who compares Sirius with Betelgeuse and Antares, two indisputably red colored stars, (and red giants), as all being fiery red.

 "Sirius, or Serios, was the most important star in the ancient world. It was so important during one period of Egyptian history that some documents refer to Egypt itself as the Seriadic Land, after the Greek name for the star. Norman Lockyer, the 19th-century astronomer and specialist in temple orientation, surveyed no fewer than seven ancient Egyptian temples which were oriented to Sirius."
(The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, David Ovason, pg. 139)

 “Josephus has preserved a tradition concerning two pillars that were erected in the land of Siriad. He tells us that the children of Seth were the inventors of astronomy, and in order that their inventions might not be lost, and acting “upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of waters, they made two pillars, the one of brick, the other of stone; they inscribed their discoveries upon them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood,  the pillar of stone might remain and exhibit those discoveries to mankind, and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them: Now this remains in the Land of Siriad to this day” . (Ant. B., i, ch. 2.) Plato likewise speaks of these two columns in the opening of Timaeus The place where the two pillars, or one of them, traditionally stood was in the land of Siriad. Where that is no mortal knows, but Seri in Egyptian is a name for the south. Seri is also the mount that is figured as the two-fold rock which is equivalent to the pillars of the two horizons, south and north,  Siriad, then, we take to be the land of the south where the pillar “remains to this day.”  According to John Greaves, the old Oxford astronomer, “these pillars of Seth were in the very same place where Manetho placed the pillars of Taht (Thoth), called Seiread” (English Weights and Measures). There was an Egyptian tradition which connected Sut, the inventor of astronomy, with Annu, as the original founder of the pillar, which makes him the primary establisher of the pole. As an astronomical character Sut was earlier than Shu. The Arabs also have a tradition that one of the pyramids was the burial-place of Sut. The pillar of brick, being less permanent, went down as predicted in the deluge as a figure of the southern pole, whereas the pillar of stone remained for ever as an image of the north celestial pole, or of Annu, the site of the pillar, in the astronomical mythology. It is reported by Diodorus that Annu (Heliopolis in the solar mythos) was accounted by its inhabitants to be the oldest city in Egypt.” (Gerald Massey Ancient Egypt, The Light Of The World, 1907: Book 5, The Sign language Of Astronomical Mythology)

 "In the Arcane Tradition, the vast star, Sirius, symbolizes the sun behind the sun, i.e. the true father of our Universe. Sirius was the primordial star of all time, as the duplicator or renewer (of time cycles). He was known in Egypt as the Doubling One, therefore a Creator or reflector of the Image. Sirius, or Set, was the original 'headless one' --the light of the lower region (the South) who was known (in Egypt) as An (the dog), hence Set-an (Satan), Lord of the infernal regions, the place of heat, later interpreted in a moral sense as 'hell.'" (The Magical Revival, pg. 226-227)

       The obvious enmity within jewish theology towards "DOGS" is unquestionable. In both the old and new testament 'dogs' are treated as a theological 'anathema'. The word DOG in greek is 'kuon' which is extremely close to a hebrew root word denoting SIHOR, the hebrew name for sirius. Its also interesting to note, one of the miracles Jesus in the NT performs, is for a woman he clearly connotates as a "DOG" ( and invoking her "great faith". In so performing such a miracle, Jesus was transgressing a prior command he gave earlier in the text ( 7)

 According to Egyptian records Khufu has another name -- Saaru of Shaaru (Petrie's "History of Egypt", vol. I, p. 37). Shaaru is another designation for the inhabitants of the region of Mount Seir (Rawlinson's "History of Egypt", ch. 22). Khufu’s domain extended from Mount Seir to Lower Egypt.

Le 17:7  And they shall no more offer their sacrifices unto SEIRIM, after whom they have gone a whoring. This shall be a statute for ever unto them throughout their generations.

08163 שׂעיר sa‘iyr saw-eer’ or שׂער sa‘ir saw-eer’

from 08175; ;{ See TWOT on 2274 @@ "2274c"} {See TWOT on 2274 @@ "2274e"}

AV-kid 28, goat 24, devil 2, satyr 2, hairy 2, rough 1; 59

1) hairy

n m
2) he-goat, buck
2a) as sacrificial animal
2b) satyr, may refer to a demon possessed goat like the swine of Gadara (#Mt 8:30-32)

Whats most interesting about this verse in Leviticus, is that within the previous chapter the hebrews offer a sacrifice unto a "chief" seirim or rather "DOG-DEMON" that in fact is claimed by christian theologians to be a type of Christ.........

Le 16:8  And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the LORD, and the other lot for the AZAZEL.

05799 עזאזל ‘aza’zel az-aw-zale’

from 05795 and 0235; n m; {See TWOT on 1593}

AV-scapegoat 4; 4

1) entire removal, scapegoat

05795 עז ‘ez aze

from 05810; n f; {See TWOT on 1654 @@ "1654a"}

AV-goat 63, kid + 01423 5, kid 4, he 1, kids + 01121 1; 74

1) female goat, she-goat, goat, kid

"During the Roman feast of Lupercalia , priests (Luperci) cut thongs from the sacrificial animals (goats and a dog), then raced around the walls of the old Palatine city, striking women (especially) as they passed with the thongs. A blow from the hide of the scapegoat was said to cure sterility. In early Roman law an innocent person was allowed to take upon himself the penalty of another who had confessed his own guilt. Christianity reflects this notion in its doctrine of justification and in its belief that Jesus Christ was the God-man who died to atone".

      It becomes astonishing clear via etymology of the OT and the historical records, that the word "SEIR" which is base cognate for SIRIUS originally has the meaning in hebrew "hairy, shaggy" which was CHANGED to apply to "goats", but originally mustve meant........"DOGS". Just as the sphinx in gizeh nowhere has any characteristics of a LION, it was at the begining an effigy of ANUBIS THE DOG and had its features changed!. The romans used to sacrifice DOGS upon the helical rising of Sirius in the summer.

De 3:9  (Which Hermon the Sidonians call Sirion; and the Amorites call it Shenir;)

 Ps 29:6  He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.

      That the 'land of shinar' recorded in genesis is NOT refering to 'sumer', but to EGYPT is clearly referenced in the verse above where Mt Hermon is called SIRION, an appelation for the star Sirius and the land of Siriad, whom the amorites called it "shenir". During the exodus of Moses, its stated that god had told Moses to CIRCUMNAMBULATE MT.SEIR........

De 2:1  Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the LORD spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days.

Whereas in the begining of the OT, Mt.Seir and its inhabitants are treated with divine respect by the diety within the book, by the end of the OT Mt.Seir and its 'Seirians' are condemned to complete destruction, is a classical case of changing of theology to compromise for new theology!. The hebrews were warned not to touch the land of Seir as it was given by the deity as a posession to Esau. The connection between Esau and Seir is etymologically proven. Both Sirius and Esau's name refers to the color RED or RUDDY, HAIRY AND SHAGGY.

“This ancient people (Egyptians) knew that once every year the Parent Sun is in line with the Dog Star. Therefore, the Great Pyramid was so constructed that, at this sacred moment, the light of the Dog Star fell upon the square “Stone of God” at the upper end of the Great Gallery, descending upon the head of the high priest, who received the Super Solar Force and sought through his own perfected Solar Body to transmit to other Initiates this added stimulation for the evolution of their Godhood. This then was the purpose of the “`Stone of God,’ whereon in the Ritual, Osiris sits to bestow upon him (the illuminate) the Atf crown or celestial light.” “North and South of that crown is love,” proclaims an Egyptian hymn. “And thus throughout the teaching of Egypt the visible light was but the shadow of the invisible Light; and in the wisdom of the ancient country the measures of Truth were the years of the Most High.” [1. Marshall Adams, The Book of the Master]

 "In Chinese and Japanese astronomy, Sirius is known as the “star of the celestial wolf”. Several aboriginal tribes of North America referred to the star in canine terms: the Seri and Tohono O’odham tribes of the southwest describe the Sirius as a “dog that follows mountain sheep”, while the Blackfoot call it “Dog-face”. The Cherokee paired Sirius with Antares as a dog-star guardian of the “Path of Souls”. The Wolf (Skidi) tribe of Nebraska knew it as the “Wolf Star”, while other branches of knew it as the “Coyote Star”. Further north, the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it “Moon Dog”. [2. J.B. Holberg, Sirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky]

      It is very important to note that the star Sirius, the 'blazing star' which figures predominantly in masonic reverance, is symbolized in the SOUTH of every lodge sitting above A CLOCK which symbolizes time. Sirius in egyptian lore embodies TIME because the ancient egyptians understood and knew about PRECESSION. They were more then aware that our solar sun is LOCKED in a binary system with sirius, hence, our models of how time is calculated and understood is based intrinsically on the movement of SIRIUS.  The egyptians created a calendar based solely on sirius's helical rising, called the SOTHIC YEAR, which equates to 1461 365 day years. In egyptian, the name ISIS who is SOTHIS in greek, the mother goddess, has two apellations that are congruent. The name means.......KNOWLEDGE......and the same time. Thus, the secret doctrine of the ancient egyptians, and what they deemed to be the 'knowledge of god" was in THE MOTIONS OF SIRIUS IN RELATION TO OUR SUN. Every year Sirius rises helically BEHIND our sun. For 70 days the sun is in front and hides sirius, the egyptians would not bury their dead believing the 'gate to heaven' was closed. That the egyptians believed sirius was the gate and location of heaven and the gods, is a forgone conclusion.

“This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius. These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esoterically called the “brilliant star of sensitivity.” [10. Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrology]

 "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin

Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.
Oh, oh, child, way you shake that thing, gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting.
Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, watch your honey drip, can't keep away.

Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah. Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah.
I gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flaming heart, can't get my fill
Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.

Hey, baby, oh, baby, pretty baby, tell me that you'll do me now
Hey, baby, oh, baby, pretty baby, do me like you do me now
Didn't take too long 'fore I found out, what people mean by down and out.
Spent my money, took my car, started telling her friends she's gonna be a star.
I don't know but I been told, a big-legged woman ain't got no soul.


All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way.
Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a happy man.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

     Jimmy Page, the guitarist for Led Zeppelin was a Crowleyite and Thelamist . A majority of their lyrics are steeped in Crowley occultism. Its not rocket science to understand the SIRIUS/ISIS connotations in the lyrics of many of their songs, as Aleister Crowley flatly stated..........SIRIUS THE DOGSTAR......was the focus of his occultism and basis behind his OTO and Thelamic dogma. Led Zeppelins most successful and famous song involves "a woman who buys a stairway to SIRIUS/HEAVEN".

"And the shrine of Minerva at Sais (whom they consider the same with Isis) bears this inscription, "I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be; and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised."
- Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris

"But Eudoxus states that though there are many so-called Tombs in Egypt, yet that the true monument was erected at Busiris, for that that was the birthplace of Osiris; for thy; name "Taphosiris" requires no explanation since the name itself means "Tomb of Osiris." I approve of the chopping of wood1 the cutting down of flax, the pouring out 
p. 18
of libation, inasmuch as the generality of mystic rites are interspersed with these ceremonies, and not only the priests of this, but also of the other gods (that is of all that are not unborn and incorruptible) assert that their bodies are deposited with them, and are taken care of after their decease, but that their souls shine in heaven as stars; and that of Isis so called by the Greeks the Dog-star, but by the Egyptians Sothis; that of Horus, Orion, that of Typhon, the Bear, and towards the keep of the sacred animals, all the rest of Egypt pay an assessment, but the inhabitants of the Thebaid alone refuse to pay, because they do not hold with mortal deities; but with them whom they themselves call "Kneph," who is unborn and incorruptible."
 - Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris

 "XXXI. The Egyptians, believing that Typhon (SET/SETH) was born with red hair, dedicate to sacrifice the red coloured oxen, and make the scrutiny so close that if the beast should have even a single black or white hair, they consider it unfit for sacrifice; because such beast, offered for sacrifice, is not acceptable to the gods, but the contrary (as is) whatsoever has received the souls of unholy and unjust men, that have migrated into other bodies. For which reason they heap curses on the head of the victim, cut it off, and formerly used to throw it into the River, but nowadays they sell it to foreigners. But the ox intended for sacrifice, those of the priests entitled "Sealers" used to seal: the signet bearing (as Castor relates) an engraving of a man forced down on his knees, with hands twisted round upon his back, having a sword placed against his throat.
-  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris

"......And when Nephthys conceives Anubis, Isis adopts him, for Nephthys signifies what is under the earth and invisible; Isis, what is above ground and visible; and the circle touching these, called the Horizon, and common to both, has been named Anubis, and is figured as a dog; for the dog has the use of his sight both by night and by day; and Anubis appears to have the same office with the Egyptians that Hermes has with the Greeks, being both infernal and celestial. Some, however, think that Anubis signifies Time, wherefore as he brings forth all things out of himself, and conceives all things within himself, he gets the title of Dog......."
-  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris

"Then Oromazes, having augmented himself threefold, severed from the Sun as much space as the Sun is distant from Earth, and adorned the heavens with stars; and one star he appointed before all for guard
p. 41
and look out, namely Sirius. And having created four-and-twenty other gods, he shut them up in an egg; but those made by Arimanios, being as many as they, pierced the egg that had been laid, and so the bad things were mixed up with the good."
 -  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris
".....With respect to the ass we have already explained the meaning, but at Hermopolis they show as a figure of Typhon a hippopotamus, upon which stands a p. 44
hawk fighting with a serpent; by the hippopotamus signifying Typhon, by the hawk power and virtue, [or sovereignty,] which Typhon frequently gains by force, and never ceases 1 to be disturbed by his own wickedness, and to disturb others; for which cause when they sacrifice on the 7th of the month Sybi (which they call "The Coming of Isis out of Phœnicia") they stamp upon the consecrated cakes the figure of a hippopotamus bound.
  -  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris
".....LIII. For Isis is the Female Principle of Nature, and that which is capable of receiving all generation, in virtue of which she is styled by Plato, "Nurse," and "All-receiving," but by the generality, "The one of numberless names;" because she is converted by the Logos (Reason) into, and receives, all appearances and forms. But she has, implanted in her nature, the love for the First and Supreme of all, the which is identical with the Good, and this she longs after and continually pursues: whereas the part that belongs to the Bad One she flees from and repels,...."
-  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris
"..... Hence they name the former Isis, from its being "sent out" (ἴεσϑαι), and travelling, with knowledge, as being a "motion endued with soul," and intelligence, since her Name is not a foreign word; for just as all gods have a common designation derived from "Visible" and "Running" (θεοὶ from θεατὸς and θέειν), so this goddess do we call Isis, and the Egyptians also Isis, from the word signifying "knowledge" and "Motion" at the same time. And thus Plato says that the ancients signified "Holy One" (ὁσία) by calling her "Isia," and similarly "Intelligence" and "Perception,"
 -  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris
    Plutarch is stating unequivicably, that "DEITY" to the ancients was summed up and cofigured in the mystery of SOPDET/SOTHIS/ISIS........."SIRIUS"! That the star sirius is called........THE HOLY ONE.......embued with the name "ISIA" a female counterpart to the male NT 'holy one' called.....ISSA......or the christ!. SOPDET in the original egyptian was SOPT or SEPT or SOPH which in turn is the biblical name for 'wisdom' in the greek called SOPHia, and the basis behind the AIN SOPH!!!. Of all the natures of deity in the bible, only one is feminine, WISDOM. The helical rising of Sirius takes place every year begining on a "masonic" date............JULY 4th.......and depending on where in the Sothic cycle, will last into September and SEPT is a name for Sirius/Sopdet. To the persians, SIRIUS was the tip of the 'arrow' which was canis major, that is aimed at ORION and in particular, "the kings of the east" Orions belt. As stated earlier, Sanchuniathon states that the god OSIRIS associated with the constellation Orion, had a slight name change in ancient records that made his name SIRIOS and identifying him intrinsically with the star Sirius. According to the myth surrounding Osiris, after he is killed his brother TYPHON/SET dismembers his body into 14 pieces. All are found by his wife Isis with Anubis except for his phallus that falls into the NILUS/NILE. The phallus of Osiris is refered to as the "bark" or BOAT of Osiris in myth made of wood and specifically TAMARISK. The 'bark/phallus" of Osiris ends up in BYBLOS IN PHOENICIA which is setup in the temple of the king of byblos as a "pillar". Pillars and obelisks always represent THE PENIS OF OSIRIS that was lost and never found. The DICK of Osiris is the origin of your "holy grail" legends. The king of byblos was named ELUS/EL/SATURN and in the temple of Saturn was the most holy object, THE OBELISK PILLAR PHALLUS OF "SIRIOS"!!!

"......XV. Proceeding thence, she learnt by inquiry that the chest had been washed up by the sea at a place called Byblus, and that the surf had gently laid it under an Erica (TAMARISK) tree. This Erica, a most lovely plant, growing up very large in a very short time had enfolded, embraced, and concealed the coffer within itself. The king of the place being astonished at the size of the plant, and having cut away the clump that concealed the coffer from sight, set the latter up as a pillar to support his roof. They tell how Isis having learnt all this by the divine breath of fame, came to Byblus, and sitting down by the side of a spring all dejected and weeping spoke not a word to any other persons, but saluted and made friends of the maid servants of the queen, by dressing their hair for them, and infusing into their bodies a wonderful perfume out of herself; when the queen saw her maids again, she fell a longing to see the stranger, whose hair and whose body breathed of ambrosial perfume; and so she was sent for, becoming intimate with the queen, was made nurse of her infant. The king's name they say was Malacander, herself some call Astarte, others Sooses, others Neinanoë, who is the same with the Greek Athenais.
XVI. Isis is said to have suckled the child by putting, instead of her nipple, her finger into his mouth, and by night she singed away the mortal parts of his body. She turned herself into a swallow and flew around the pillar until the queen watched her, and cried out when she saw her child all on fire, and so took away the boy's immortality. Then the goddess, manifesting herself, asked for the pillar of the roof, and having removed it with the greatest ease, she cut away the Erica that surrounded it. This plant she wrapped up in a linen cloth, pouring perfume over it, and gave it in charge to the king; and to this day the people of Byblus venerate the wood ('bark'), which is preserved in the temple of Isis. The coffin she clasped in
p. 14
her arms, and wailed so loud that the younger of the king's sons died of fright at it, the elder she took with her and putting the coffer on board a ship, put to sea; but when the river Phaedrus sent forth too rough a gale, she grew wrath, and dried up the stream.
XVII. As soon as ever she obtained privacy, and was left by herself, having opened the coffer and laid her face upon the face of the corpse, she wailed and wept; but when the little boy observed this, and came up quietly from behind to spy, she perceived him, and turning round gave him a dreadful look in her rage, the child could not stand the fright, and died"....
 -  Plutarch, Morals & Essays On Isis & Osiris

"Kenneth Mackenzies 1877 catalogue of the latest form of the "rite of memphis" lists the 63rd degree as an ADEPT OF SIRIUS, but by the time of the distinguished Grand Master John Yarkers last revision of the rite, it was mysteriously omitted in favour of SUBLIME KAIWAN (Saturn)"
- Secret Rituals Of The Men In Black by A.H.Greenfield

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The Secret Is SIRIUS - THE "BLACK SUN"!!! - Part 1

     Central to the secret initiation that the senior SS generals of the nazi's received was the real significance of the anagram "SS" itself. 

For the "rank and file elite" of the SS, the initials stood for the German word Schutzstaffel, a term meaning loosely a special staff or military unit. But to the initiates, there was another meaning of "SS" altogether, a meaning with roots deep in the occult and in ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and to a certain extent, Egyptian belief. For these initiates, the letters "SS" referred to die Schwatze Sonne, the Black Sun

The doctrine of the Black Sun, reaching back to ancient Sumer and Akkadia, is that there are two suns, the "white" sun, the sun that we see at the center of our physical solar system, and the "black" sun, a "hidden" sun of (spiritual) illumination.

In some versions of the myth, it is thought to reside at the center of our galaxy.
Other sources place it as one of the causes of the immortality and reincarnation of the soul.

In Babylonian mythology it was also associated with the coming of the "King of kings" and the establishment of a New Babylon. And finally, in some variations, not only is it associated with the center of the galaxy, but also with the uttermost "Hyperborea" and "Thule", the legendary stellar home and celestial origin of the Aryan race. The doctrine received further modification in ancient Egypt. 

The connection between the SS and Egypt is further evidenced by the case of one of the most famous esotericists of all: R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Well known to contemporary students of "alternative" or "revisionist" Egyptology, de Lubicz' claim to fame was his life-long undertaking to reinterpret the monuments, and more importantly, the writings of ancient Egypt, particularly its hieroglyphic system of writing.
While many contemporary researchers denigrate de Lubicz's work as being either faulty of slip-shod, and while others denigrate his scholarship simply for his open support of the Nazi regime, it is not so easy to dismiss him as all that.But it is important to note that for de Lubicz, this analogical action at a distance or sympathetic magic was expressed within the context of a broadly dualistic world view in which there were two sciences, one of genesis or creation, and one of destruction.22
    In this context, any given hieroglyphic symbol became a synthesis of polarities of particular oppositions of forces, held in balance by the glyph - the information - itself. Without a doubt, this broadly Hegelian view brought de Lubicz to the attention of the Nazis, and vice versa. But more importantly, it was de Lubicz's knowledge of Egyptian "science-religion" that may lurk in the background of the statements of the Japanese attaché to Stockholm's curious statements about Sirius in his secret cable to Tokyo regarding the German atom bomb program that we examined in part one, for de Lubicz would have been in a position to point out the significance of Sirius to the Egyptians.

For then, it "played the role of a central sun to our entire solar system" and suggested to de Lubicz,
"the existence of a cosmic system of atomic structure whose nucleus is this 'Great Provider,' the Sothis... of the ancients."23
De Lubicz would have known as well the ancient symbolism and association with the three colors of the German national flag - black, red, and white - with ancient Egypt and Atlantis,24 a symbolism of which the Nazis themselves were likely aware. 
Thus in its Egyptian variation, the "Black Sun" myth is bound up with the star system of Sirius, and with all the associations with death resurrection, and the "life force" that this entailed within Pharaonic religion.
For the SS Ahnenerbe, all this was a potent mix when one recalls that Himmler's stated purpose for it, reveled in a letter he wrote to an Ahnenerbe scientist, was not only to study ancient religion, science, and the occult, but also that its principal establishment was as "an institute for military scientific research."25
Consequently, the Ahnenerbe scientists working on its various secret projects had an ideological basis for the more mundane scientific view that the "Black Sun" was but the extremely strong gravitational force exhibited by the large mass rotating around the galactic center

 - Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied Legend: by Joseph P. Farrell

Thus, the SCHWARTZE SONNE/BLACK SUN or the SS in fact is an anagram for.........SIRIUS.....representing the first and last letters, the 'begining and end' of the name. 

"SS was the anagram for the SILVER STAR, SIRIUS, another name invoked by Aleister Crowley for the 'Illuminati"
- Kenneth Grant; Magical Revival 1973

Sirius glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star.
- Albert Pike: Morals & Dogma

     Sirius, known in ancient Egypt as Sopdet (Greek: Σῶθις Sothis), is recorded in the earliest astronomical records . In latin it is Sirius. To the canaanites, it was called 'Hasil'. .......

 1Ki 8:37  If there be in the land famine, if there be pestilence, blasting, mildew, locust, or if there be HASIL; if their enemy besiege them in the land of their cities; whatsoever plague, whatsoever sickness there be;

Ps 78:46  He gave also their increase unto the HASIL, and their labour unto the locust.

Isa 33:4  And your spoil shall be gathered like the gathering of the HASIL: as the running to and fro of locusts shall he run upon them.

Joe 1:4  That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the HASIL eaten.

Joe 2:25  And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the HASIL, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

 02625 חסיל chaciyl khaw-seel’

from 02628; n m; {See TWOT on 701 @@ "701a"}

AV-caterpiller 6; 6

1) locust 

To the the hebrews it was called 'Sihor', a word containing the prefixes for both sirius and horus.

 Jos 13:3  From Sihor , which is before Egypt, even unto the borders of Ekron northward, which is counted to the Canaanite: five lords of the Philistines; the Gazathites, and the Ashdothites, the Eshkalonites, the Gittites, and the Ekronites; also the Avites:

1Ch 13:5  So David gathered all Israel together, from Shihor  of Egypt even unto the entering of Hemath, to bring the ark of God from Kirjathjearim.

Isa 23:3  And by great waters the seed of Sihor , the harvest of the river, is her revenue; and she is a mart of nations.

Jer 2:18  And now what hast thou to do in the way of Egypt, to drink the waters of Sihor ? or what hast thou to do in the way of Assyria, to drink the waters of the river?

 07883 שׁיחור Shiychowr shee-khore’ or שׁחור Shichowr shee-khore’ or שׁחר Shichor shee-khore’

probably from 07835; ; n pr f

AV-Sihor 3, Shihor 1; 4

Shihor or Sihor =" dark"

07835 שׁחר shachar shaw-khar’

a primitive root [identical with 07836 through the idea of the duskiness of early dawn]; v; {See TWOT on 2368}

AV-black 1; 1

1) to be black

Song 1:6  Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

07838 שׁחר shachor shaw-khore’ or שׁחור shachowr shaw-khore’

from 07835; adj; {See TWOT on 2368 @@ "2368b"}

1) black

07835 שׁחר shachar shaw-khar’

a primitive root [identical with 07836 through the idea of the duskiness of early dawn]; v; {See TWOT on 2368}

1) to be black

    To the ancient hindus, it was called 'Mragavyahda' the 'hunter' and was associated with Rudra/Shiva. It represents the PINEAL GLAND OR THIRD EYE represented by the color "red'. To the persians, it was called TYR which meant "arrow'. The word Sopdet becomes SEIRIOS in greek. The root SEIR is found throughout the OT of the bible, representing the color RED (esau), a mountain of god (mt. seir), and demons called SEIRIM. It is invoked in the OT having the prime phoenetics.......SIRION (Deut 3:9, Psa 29:6) It needs to be noted, the word SYR as in SYRIA or ASSYRIA is a cognate of the greek seirios. One of the principal roots of the biblical name "SATAN is........SA-TYR.......which is a direct connotation invoking the star SIRIUS. It must be noted that someone who is 'knighted' via the british monarchy, is dubbed a "SIR" which comes from the root SIRE. Thus someone knighted is "sired" by the sword becoming a sire or sir....OF SIRIUS!.  The 'radiance' that is behind the capstone and all seeing eye on the dollar bill, is the light and radiance of "SIRIUS".
           The star sirius's symbol is a PENTACLE or 5 pointed star, a symbol denoted to and representing the devil or satan. The number 5 is gematria for THE LAW and the ancient egyptian 'sirius system' invoked 5 PRIMAL FIRST GODS with each having a corresponding color code. The egyptian trinity of Isis, Horus, Osiris are the first 3 with Isis and horus represented by the color 'white'. Osiris was represented as "black". Both horus and Osiris are 'sun' gods. However, only horus represented the SOLAR sun, Osiris represented what was called the BLACK sun invoked in what was called the "black rite of memphis". All three deities in the egyptian trinity are directly related to SIRIUS. In egyptian pyramid texts.....

"Your (Osiris) sister Isis comes to you rejoicing for love of you. You have placed her on your phallus and your seed issues in her, she being ready as Sirius, and Horus Sopd (a star) has come forth from you as Horus who is in Sirius…" [Pyr. Text line 632]

    According to this text, the sun god horus CAME FORTH FROM SIRIUS. Our solar sun was called by the egyptians HORUS SOPDET which in fact means SUN/SON OF SIRIUS. Besides the 3 main characters in the egyptian trinity, there were 2 others that represented the "alter egos" of 2 within the trinity. The godess NEPTHYS is the 'black Isis'. She was sister of Isis and her color was "black". The brother and alter of Osiris was the god SET or rather SETH who was represented by the color "red". The egyptian SET/SETH is the forerunner of the biblical SATAN. The sun god AN in sumeria that represented "heaven", is the sun god ANU in egypt that becomes ANUBIS later on after the death of Osiris......

Sanchuniathons Phoenician History, Extracts from Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (Preparation for the Gospel).  Tr. E. H. Gifford (1903) -- Book 1

The ancients worshipped no other gods than the celestial luminaries, knowing nothing of the God of the universe, nor even of the erection of carved images, nor of daemons

[DIODORUS] 'It is said then that the men who dwelled of old in Egypt when they looked up to the cosmos, and were struck with astonishment and admiration at the nature of the universe, supposed that the sun and moon were two eternal and primal gods, one of whom they named Osiris, and the other Isis, each name being applied from some true etymology.
'For when they are translated into the Greek form of speech, Osiris is "many eyed"; with reason, for casting his beams in every direction he beholds, as it were with many eyes, the whole earth and sea: and with this the poet's words agree:
"Thou Sun, who all things seest, and nearest all." 5
'But some of the ancient mythologists among the Greeks give to Osiris the additional name Dionysus, and, by a slight change in the name, Sirius. One of these, Eumolpus, speaks in his Bacchic poems thus:
"Dionysus named,
"Bright as a star, his face aflame with rays." 6
And Orpheus says:
"For that same cause Phanes and Dionysus him they call."7
Some say also that the fawn-skin cloak is hung about him as a representation of the spangling of the stars.
'"Isis" too, being interpreted, means "ancient," the name having been given to the Moon from her ancient and eternal origin. And they put horns upon her, both from the aspect with which she appears whenever she is crescent-shaped, and also from the cow which is consecrated to her among the Egyptians. And these deities they suppose to regulate the whole world.' 8

Theology of the Phoenicians

  'All these stories Thabion, who was the very first hierophant of all the Phoenicians from the beginning, allegorized and mixed up with the physical and cosmical phenomena, and delivered to the prophets who celebrated the orgies and inaugurated the mysteries: and they, purposing to increase their vain pretensions from every source, handed them on to their successors and to their foreign visitors: one of these was EL-SIRIUS the inventor of the three letters, brother of Chna the first who had his name changed to Phoenix.'

       The god SET or SETH in egypt was associated with AN or ANU, hence his title SET or SETH OF AN (SET-AN). In upper egypt during the middle kingdom, the pharoahs and inhabitants worshipped the god of the "black soil" land, who was HORUS and his dad Osiris. In lower egypt, the pharoahs and inhabitants worshipped SET or SETH of the "red soil land", hence the pharonic line of the SETI's. Hyksos kings of the late kingdoms in southren egypt made SET worship 'monolatry'. Thus, the colors represented by the law of 5 which is in fact the 'sirius system', the first 5 primal egyptian deities, were WHITE, BLACK, RED, the colors associated with the Nazi flag that represents the 'swastika' which is nothing but an ancient representation of the THE BLACK SUN SIRIUS!. Why the 'black sun'? The ancient astronomical priests of sumer, akkad, and egypt believed there were TWO SUNS that directly influenced man. The solar or present sun of our solar system, represented by the color WHITE and invoked as "the great WHITE lodge" in freemasonry, was our solar sun responsible for sustaining physical life on earth. The 'divine' or CENTRAL sun that was said to be located towards the center of the milky way, was responsible for SPIRITUAL life and 'creation' as well as "resurrection", that "drew" our solar sun towards it, was represented by the color BLACK which to the ancients meant the "invisible' realm. 

That central or 'black' and 'invisible' sun is the star SIRIUS!!

References to Sirius from 'The Magical Revival'. by Kenneth Grant, a close associate and disciple of Aleister Crowley; Published by Muller, 1972.
p8 '...The initials A A stand for Argenteum Astrum (the Silver Star). This is the Star of Set or Sothis (Sirius) - the sun' in the south'...'

p15 '...The Phoenix was also an ancient constellation in which Sothis, or Sirius, was the chief star...'

p51 '...Hrumachis is described by Aiwaz as being beyond the present Aeon, as Sirius is beyond the Sun...'

p51 '...The Hidden God, Set (represented astronomically by Sirius, the Dog-Star typified the peculiar formula of the Eleventh Degree of the O.T.O. ...'

p52 '...Saturn, therefore, is the power behind Venus, as Sirius us the power behind the Sun. These two great Stars (Set and Horus) are therefore symbolically identical, and in this way also is Venus transcended in Sirius...'

p60 '...Also, Thoth, the Moon-god, was originally the God of Sirius, identical with the Star-God Set, before the luni-solar mode of reckoning time supplanted the stellar reckoning. ...'

p66 '...This likewise was represented as Sut-Nubti, the double announcer, both of the year and of the inundation, who combines the Sun and Sirius un a dual unity. ...'

p67 '...Set is the initiator, the Opener of mans' consciousness to the rays of the Undying God typified by Sirius - the Sun in the South...'

p71 '...Taurus is the constellation through which the solar influence was transmitted to humanity at the time of the Mithraic Cult; thus Mithras - Like Sirius - was a sun-slayer...'

p139 '...The soul is the astral shade, the stellar light in darkness represented by Set and Sirius; the spirit is the solar body of light represented by the sun. ...'

p211 '...These are the electro-magnetic lightnings that permeate Space; they are concentrated symbolically in the sphere of Sirius, the sun in the South. ...'

p226 '...Sirius was the primordial star of all time, as the duplicator or renewer (of time cycles). He was known in Egypt as the Doubling One.'

p227 '...Sirius, or Set, was the original "headless one" - the light of the lower region (the south) who was known (in Egypt) as An (the dog), hence Set-An (Satan), Lord of the infernal regions, the place of heat, later interpreted in a moral sense as "hell". ...'

References to Sothis from 'The Magical Revival' Published by Muller, 1972.

p22 '...or Magick, is manifested in One, her Son, i.i. Sothis or Sirius, who in his occult character symbolizes the Son behind the Sun....'p45 '...The Star (i.e. Sothis, the Star of Shaitan) resides in the magical power of the female generative essence, for the Dog-Star is Sothis, which is also called the Soul of Isis...'

p50 '...Crowley identified the heart of the Thelemic current with one particular Star. In Occult Tradition, this is the Sun behind the Sun', the Hidden God, the vast star Sirius, or Sothis...'

p61 '...Set was the first male diety ever worshipped. He was the "unbegotten" son of the mother (Isis, or Sothis). ...'

p224 '...Phoenix: The symbolic Bird of Return which represented various Cycles of Time in the ancient Traditions. The Phoenix was the constellation in which Sothis, the Star of Set, was the chief star.

p227 '...Sothis (Grk.): The Soul (i.e. the star) of Isis. Another name for Sirius, the dog-star. Set is the Star of Isis, thus Venus is transcended in Sirius in the sense that the "child" surpasses the "mother. ...'

References to Sirius from 'Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God' Published by Muller, 1973. 

p59 '...Aster Argos is the lunar or "silver" star. The lunar component is represented by the eye of Isis, and her Star is Sirius, the Dog-Star (Set). ...'

p60 '...Sirius was the chief star once named as the Phoenix. This was the secret name of Baphomet (Crowley) as the Supreme Head of the O.T.O. ...'

p60 '...He assumed the god-form of this bird (an emblem of the Sothic Year or Cycle) because it reached the meridian (i.e. attained supremacy) at the moment of the rising of Sirius, or Set. ...'

p60 '... The Silver Star (A.A.) is Sirius. Horus is thus Hrumachis (son of) the Star, Sirius. Sirius, Sothis or Set-An, thus represents the Supreme, the Eternal Light. ...'

p154 '...In the case of the sun this power is refracted through Sirius, the Star of Set. In the case of the phallus it is the same fire, but adapted to a different purpose. ...'

References to Sothis from 'Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God' Published by Muller, 1973. 

p87 '...assumed the god-form of the dog typical of the stellar fire that was identified in ancient Egypt with Sothis and the fierce heat of the dog days. ...'

p108 '...The formula was sometimes ideographed as the Eye of Set. This was the Silver Star, Sothis, the Star of Annunciation. Its appearance heralded the inundation of the Nile...'

p115 '...Cognate ideas are menstrual blood, the dog (zootype of Sothis, the Dog Star, the bow and arrow, the left eye, moonstone, the bottom point of the Heavenly Hexagram, the number nine and Atu II...'

p181 '...The Scarlet Woman is shown as the cup-bearer, the Beast is in the form of a lion with seven heads, thus emphasizing its connection with the Stellar Cult of Set, Sept or Sothis. ...'

References to Sirius from 'Cults of the Shadow'. Published by Muller, 1975. 

p45 '...The Sabean Cult was the cult of the Mother-Goddess of the Seven Stars plus her child, Sirius, the Dog-Star. ...'

p61 '...Brugsch Bey notes that in the XXVIth Dynasty, a new and strange infleunce suddenly makes itself apparent. Although he does not specifically say so, this had no other origin than the ancient Sabean Cult of Sirius, the Star of Set. ...'

References to Sothis from 'Cults of the Shadow'. Published by Muller, 1975.

p51 '...The seven stars of this complex symbolised Night or Typhon and her brood of stars, to which at a later time was added the star of her first male child, Set or Sothis. ...'

p51 '...Later Sept, Seven and Sevekh. Sept was a name of Sothis; thus was the son identified with the Mother. ...'

p52 '...So powerful was this primeval African cult of the Mother of the Seven Stars, and for such long ages did it endure, that Khebt or Kheft became the name of Egypt itself, and the first of its terrestial nomes was dedicated to the star Sothis. ...'

p55 '...The Dog Star was sacred to Serk, which identifies her with the primal Goddess, Typhon, whom the Greeks named Sothis, thus combining the Mother and son (Set) in one name. ...'

p131 '...The Silver Star. This Star is identical with the Dog Star - Sothis. It has eleven points, as the Tree of Life has eleven Sephiroth, each point or ray being a vector of occult energy symbolized by the eleven planets culminating in Pluto. ...'

p159 '...Har or Hor means'child', that is to say it is the spirit of Osiris as reproduced in the spirit world, and the true name of that child is Set, represented by the Egyptians as the star Sothis which was the Light in Darkness and the manifestor...'

References to Sirius from 'Nightside of Eden'. Published by Muller, 1977. 

p14 'The phenomenal child, typical of the'base of the abyss, who is twin as Set-Horus, or Haoor-paar-Kraat unmanifest, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit manifest. Their astronomical analogues as Sirius'A' (Horus) and Sirius'B' (Set).'

p16 'Sept is the star Sothis or Sirius.'

p35 'The number 217 is that of Seth, which is not only the name of the God Set, but of the seven pointed star of Babalon, the Scarlet Woman, the image of which is Sirius.'

p40 'Set, as the height of heaven typified by the star Sirius or Sothis in which the formula of the Fire Snake is implicit.'

p41 '...the guardian of which is'that ancient devil Chorozon' whose number, 333, is also that of Shugal, the Howler, the desert fox, the zoomorphic image of Sirius, the Black or Dark One, the Supreme negative.'

p74 'Certain constellations were observed to fail in keeping strict time. Sirius, for instance, was seen to lose one whole year in its cycle of 1460 years.'

p90 'Ain = Nu Isis = Sirius. See Cults of the Shadow for an explanation of this equation.'

p224 'Passing from Lovecrafts' fictions to Robert Temples' book'The Sirius Mystery'; in speaking of Proclus, Temple observes that hew'had a good connection with rites involving Hecate, the goddess whom we know to be a form of the star Sirius'.'

References to Sothis from 'Nightside of Eden'. Published by Muller, 1977. 

p15 'The moon is under the aegis of Hecate who is identified with Sothis, thus connecting this symbolism with the Secret tradition of the Argenteum Astrum (A.A), the Order of the Silver Star.'p41 'There is no solution of continuity, and in order to realize this, the height of the Abyss (the eight star Sothis) has to be obtained in reverse, so that which appears as the height from the front of the Tree is really the depth when viewed from the'other side'.'

p106 ''The Sirius Mystery' (Robert Temple) is related profoundly to the Typhonian Tradition which my Trilogy has treated exhaustively.'

p113 'In the Bundahish the waters are identified with time, and the ass is the'special assistant of Sothis in keeping correct time, or in preserving the waters pure by his micturation, which destroys the creatures of corruption.''

p113 'Massey compares the ass with Noah, both being true time-keepers. This can be understood as meaning that both the ark of Noah, Nuits' arch, the ass or fundament, are, like the moon and Sothis, regulators of periodic time.'

p172 'The symbolism of the bow, as the emblem of Sothis, the Star of Set, and of the rainbow, has been treated in detail in the seventh chapter of'Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God'.'

p184 'The star of the 15th kala is therefore the Star of Sothis or Shaitan, and it is concealed in the feminine generative essence known as the soul or blood of Isis.'

p187 'The 16th kala was therefore her child. i.e. Set, and Set-Typhon under a single image was typified by the Dog Star, Sothis.'p224 'As explained in the Typhonian Trilogy, the star Sirius or Sothis is the Star of the A.A. (Argenteum Astrum; the Silver Star). It was thus the source of humanitys' contact with extra-terrestrial influences, and the system of attainment taught in the mundane Order of the A.A., although now hidden, is of truly extra-terrestrial origin.'

p246: .406 is the number of QVSh, meaning a'bow', from the Egyptian word Kesr,'an arrow', the symbol of Sothis the Star of Set, which, again, indicates the XI degree O.T.O. The bow and arrow are among the magical weapons ascribed to this kala.'

References to Sirius from 'Hecate's Fountain'. Published by Skoob, 1992. 

p42 'Hoor-paar-Kraat means literally'the Hoor, or Heir, of the Dwarf'. The dwarf (kraat), in its occult function, is the manikin or magical'child' which concentrates within itself the will of the magician. Its astronomical type is Sirius'B', the dark dwarf of immensely concentrated energy which accompanies Sirius'A', represented by Ra-Hoor-Khuit.'

p48 '...some of the alchemical interpretations that have gradually gained currency and obscured the gnosis of the genuine Stellar Tradition which is revived in AL (Book of the Law). The Star implied is Sirius, the Silver Star and its kalas which are embodied in the terrestrial representatives of Nuit.'

p52 'Yet another meaning of 480 is MThM,' Perfection' ....480 is the largest number in the Sirius qabalah, or transmission, yet another pointer at the influence from beyond.'

p118 '50 is the number of years ascribed to the orbital period of Sirius'B', the infinitely dense and infinitely small entity typical of Hadit (Set).'

p132 'The episode in question featured a small hand-bell fashioned in the region of the Uppar Volta, not far removed from the Place of the Dogon tribes, in which are preserved the myths of human traffic with Sirius.'

p140 'In its more esoteric signification, 101 indicates'Emme ya' or'Star of Women', which has been localized as'a planet around Sirius'.'

p151 '311 is also the number of AISh, meaning'man', the opening sylable of Manifestation, a word of many implications in the Cult of Maat. These numbers demonstrate unequivocally the connection between The Star (Sirius), the Daughter (Qoph Nia), and the Man.'

p159 '...the Angels' reflex also illuminates the deeps behind the Tree. These comprise the Siriac (Set-Daath) and the Luna (Lilith-Yesod) complices, which make any attempt to leap from the Sun (Tipareth) to Sirius (Daath) exceedingly perilous.'

p184 '...the number of Amen, the Hidden God , and of Sagala, the abnormally heavy metal of which Sirius'B' is said to be composed.'

p206 'Ummo may be equated with Emme Ya, the'Star of Women', a planet around Sirius referred to by the Dogon tribe.'

p236 '...the concentrate of 1051 = 7, Set, whose stellar representative, Sirius, is the One Star that is visible to all earthlings.'

p240 'Bertiaux declares further we have'never lost the line of connection, which continually supplies our magical order with Ojas from Orion, Sirius and many other stellar systems and solar systems.'

References to Sirius from 'Hecate's Fountain'. Published by Skoob, 1992.
References to Sirius from 'Outer Gateways'. Published by Skoob, 1994. 

p23 'Orthrus is the Dog-Star, Sirius, also connected with the hell-hound and with Osiris (a metathesis of Sirius) the god of the'dead'.'

p35 ''Those', whose provenance was confused with the sun, came from Sirius - the'sun behind the sun'.They were the later invaders and they descended from the Star of Set which typified the height, or most exalted star, born of Typhon as the eighth of her brood...'

p36 'For the'sun' is the sun of Sirius (Set), not the ostensible sun of the worshipers of Ra.'p37 '...between the descendants of Ursa Major and Sirius, and the descendants of Orion.'

p38 'The disk typified, not the solar orb but a cycle of time described in space, literally, by the revolution of the Seven Stars of Typhon, who brought to birth, and was thereby manifested by her son, Set or Sirius.'

p39 'There is no conclusive evidence that the sun of the Egyptian theologies was the solar orb with which earth dwellers are familiar, or even the'sun behind the sun' (Sirius) which played so vital and obsessive a role in their celestial reckonings, greater even than the sun.'

p42 'Thus we have the Woman and her dog, the Mother and he Son, the Goddess of the Seven Stars, Set-Typhon, and the Sirius system represented by Yog-Sothoth.'

p44 'The circle (mother) and the triangle(son) meet in the yantra of Kali, the goddess of time and periodicity, and in the Masonic Seal of Sirius.'

p46 'Sirius marked the transition from the Sabean reckoning of Time by the Great Bear, to the later reckoning by the apparent revolution of the sun.'

p46 'The Siriac invasion on the other hand was post delluvian. the bright star of Sirius was the sun which in later symbolism became confused with the solar orb of the terrestrial system. The dog-star not only regulated time in heaven, it also announced the periodic deluge on earth...'

p51 'The stellar tradition in Egypt retained its allegiance to Sut, but the followers of Horus transferred their loyalty from Orion to the sun, the solar race having absorbed Orion. Sut-Anush then became Sut-Har under his Sun-and-Sirius type...'

p54 'The insignia of the Royal Arch Degree embody the glyph of Stellar Gnosis typified by the seven stars of Typhon and the Blazing Star Sirius (Set).p56-59 '...the original god was the sun behind the sun, viz. Sirius, or theologically speaking, Set.'

p61 'In terms of astronomy, Sut-Typhon represented Sirius and Ursa Major, whose earthly representatives are the dog and the woman, the son and the mother.'

p93 'The peacock is an emblem of the Order of the Silver Star whose presiding Angel, Aiwass, is the vehicle of the Stellar Current manifesting through Sirius (theologized as Set is Hoor-paar-Kraat) whose minister he is.'

p126 'There are today but two Orders, the Cult of Sirius (A.A) and the Occult Typhonian Order (OTO) that not only represent, but dynamically transmit, the 93 current.'p140 'In the Thelemic Gnosis the Word of Silence is Hoor-paar-Kraat, or Set, whose stellar representative is Sirius, the power-zone of the A.A.' p182 'ShGL is the name of a metal associated with the Dark Twin of Sirius, Sirius'B'.'

p208 'This Dark Star may be the invisible counterpart of the'One Star in Sight' (Isis) which Crowley gave as a title to his essay on the structure of the Order of the Silver Star (Argenteum Astrum) which is, as previously shown, Sirius.'

p229 'Again, the 50 hot days ascribed to Set are an analogue of the blasting heat reported in connection with the proximity of UFOs. 50 is also the cycle or'period' of Sirius'B', the dark star typifying the'infinitely small, atomic point', Hadit or Set.'

References to Sothis from 'Outer Gateways'. Published by Skoob, 1994. 

p23 '...Velde reproduces a plate showing an ass-headed entity with a bow in its left hand and an arrow in its right; these are symbolic of Sothis.'

References to Sirius from 'Outside the Circles of Time'. Published by Muller, 1980. 

p49 ' The latter is represented astronomically by the Sirius complex, with its son and daughter stars - Sirius'A' and Sirius'B'.'

p52 '... the Wise One who manifests from alien dimensions, typified by Sirius and the god Set.'

p62 'The 93 Current emanates from, or is uttered by, the A.A. which is identical with the Star of Set, Sirius, or Sothis.'

p98 'Robert Temple observes: "Sirius the Dog Star is represented by the hieroglyph of a tooth, so it is important to know that there is a word in Egyptian which means both'tooth' and'dog'.'

p99 '... it is necessary to note that the Sirius dog, or god, is represented by the tooth (Shin), the determinative of flame, spirit, the LHT (Fire) of Achad's equation.'

p102 'The ions proceed from the Order of the Silver Star known as the Argenteum Astrum or A.A. which in the celestial planisphere is represented by Sirius.'

p108 '... the two aspects of the Perfect-ion, the aeons of Maat and Malon; or, perhaps, even to the twin-system connected with Sirius.'

p111 'The Star or Soul of Nu Isis is the Dog Star (Sirius) which radiates its mystereous energies from the transaeonic gulfs of inner space by the Formulae of 718 and 789.'

p112 'The Aeon of Horus ... is the aeon of Fire and of the atomic cults; of Mars in its fully disintegrative aspect. His Star is the Pentagram of Set, the'Son behind the Sun', represented astronomically by the Star of Isis, which is Sirius. Horus is the son of this God, and the sun or father of our solar system. He is Hrumachis, son of the Star, Sirius. The Star is therefore the key to the Aeon of Horus.'

p115 'Sirius is the Star of Foundation, and the foundation (Yesod) is the "secret centre" of sexual energy ascribed to Nuit under the euphemism'heart' ...'

p130 '... the stone Chintamani is alleged to have been brought from another world, from one of the solar systems in the constellation of Orion (i.e. Horus), probably Sirius.'

p131 'The allusion to the mani stone as a stone (of precious water) from the Star of Set (Sirius); of the Tower of Shambhala (Harmony/Truth/Maat) of which the stone is the glowing crest-gem...'

p132 '... three facets or fragments of the Chintamani - are cabalistically equivalent to the number of the Dog of Sirius...'

p134 'The threefold Stone comprising Sirius A, B and C is therefore mystically represented by Kether and the Ain beyond. Achad's triple Chintamani proves to be Sirius, the Star of Set and the source of the extra-terrestrial Current that powers the A.A, which in 1904 (terrestrial time) inspired the transmission of The Book of the Law ...'

p139 '... thus fusing the two currents composed of the magical influences emanating from Sirius and Andromeda. Sirius,'the Sun behind the Sun' beams the energies of the Aeon of Horus, Andromeda those of the Aeon of Maat.'

p145 'Lam is now known to be a link between the star systems of Sirius and Andromeda...'

p148 'According to AL.III.2, "there is a word not known". This word we may suppose to be known to Lam, who, as already mentioned, is the link between the Aeons of Horus and Maat via the star-systems Sirius and Andromeda.'

p150 'We are reminded by him that the Dog Days begin on July 23rd: the period during July and August when Sirius rises and sets with the sun.'

p151 'He speculates as to whether Sirius may not be the origin or emanation point for the Twenty-Three pattern...'

p154 'If the two S's be abstracted from Ipsos, Ipo remains. This is a word meaning'to shine forth'; it derives from an Egyptian word AF, a name of the sun in the lower hemisphere. SS (the Silver Star) is the Star Sirius, the sun behind the sun.'

p155 'The number of Ipo is 160, which is the number of'Tonal', the world of phenomena in Castaneda's system. The Nagual is to the Tonal what Sirius is to the Sun in the lower hemisphere. This brings to bear a direct beam of influence from Sirius to earth from Nagual to Tonal via the Pylon of Ipsos Lam.'

p159 'The influence from Sirius, which powers the O.T.O. via entities such as Lam, Aossic-Aiwass, etc., is balanced on the Inner Planes by the Maatian influence focused by Andromeda and transmitted through Soror Andahadna and others.'

p160 'Our solar system is serviced by a particular stream through the space-time continuum that has several potent termina. The Sol-Sirius link is a major one...'

p160 'One ray of the Andromedan transmission is aimed at Sirius, which receives it, tightens its coherence and relays it to Sol. Sirius is a secondary lens for systems besides our own.'

p160 'Not only are there planetary Sirians in individual flesh-bodies like us, but Sirius itself is an intelligent entity. He/They have been responsible for giving us the words and formulae by which the essence of an Aeon is defined and manifested...'

p160 'And in all this, Andromeda remains our local primary collector-transmitter. Sol is the receiver, decoder, and Center for the planets.'

p161 '"All I had to do was let go, and she (i.e. Andromeda) drew me up and through the channel described above - through Sol and Sirius - and into the very blazing heart of her.'

p176 '777=Dagon, whose cult is celebrated in the Cthulhu mysteries and whose connection with Sirius has been amply demonstrated by Robert Temple.'

p187 'As the 93 current is directed from the intelligence manifesting to earth-astronomy as the Star Sirius, the Maat Current has its impetus-focus in the Andromeda Galaxy. This is not to say that the energies originate in Andromeda, but that it is the directional lens whereby the final reception occurs on earth via the Sirius-Sol relay link.'

p193 '... and the kala or metal of Sirius'B' (Sagala = 333), which together create or project the Woman or Nymphe of the Deep - the Daughter of the Waters - 999.'

p194 'Yet the hawk is a symbol of the soul which derives its sole nourishment from blood (i.e. the feminine source), thus connecting the idea of blood with the Star of Set (Sirius).'

p195 'In Arabic, Sirius is called the'hairy', and in Egyptian the Serau denotes'a hairy goat-kind of sheep'. The two concepts - Hair and the Star of Set - thus meet in the word Sirius.'

p195 'The'trees of Eternity' are thereby connected mystically with the concept of Sirius.'

p195 'And this explains another obscure matter, for Hrumachis (or Hor-Makhu; see AL.III.34) means'Horus of the Star'. He is the Opener of the Year, as Sirius is the Opener of the Year, and his influence is known as the Sun behind the Sun. Hrumachis, therefore, is Sirius.'

p195 'In this passage lies the explanation of Nuit's words (AL.I.59) already quoted. The Hawk of Tipareth, the Sun, will be surpassed by that other Hawk, or Horus of the Star, and this Star is Set's Star - Sirius.'

p196 'In Ancient Egypt the rising of Sirius was celebrated by certain obscene ceremonies in honour of the Dog-Star.'

p204 '52 is also the number of KLB,'a dog', totem of Set or Sirius.'

p212 'The Star is assigned to He, the ultimate opening, or window, on to Universe'B'. This Star, symbolized by the Daughter, is Sothis or Sirius.'

p220 'Another name of the Forgotten Ones - Nagrikshamish - contains proof of connection with Sirius which links the new revelation of Maat with the Aeon of Horus...'

p235 'The Circles of Time are the aeons or essences of Kali. Beyond these are the Trees of Eternity which form the forest of Nuit's hair (Sirius), in which'there is no blood'. There is no flesh (human life) in Sirius - the Star of Set - which is a dimension inhabited by non-human kalas that may be'seen' only during the evocations of magick...'

p255 'I have suggested in previous writings that the teachings relevant to man's spiritual initiations issue from the A.A., which I have identified with the Star of Set, known astronomically as Sirius. It should be remembered, however, that Sirius is but a symbol and a focus of extra-cosmic influences.'

p255 'Similarly, the word Orisha, when valued at 650, contains reference to the LShOIRM, or Daemonibus hirsutis, the hairy, goatish deities (worshipped in Egypt), sacred to Sirius. Arabian lore mentions these creatures and identifies them with a class of Jinn.'

p261 'Hrumachis means'Son (heru) of the Star', (Satan) which star I have identified with Sirius, Sothis, or Set-An. It is the Star of Isis...'

p267 'Set's planetary representative is Saturn; his stellar representative is Sirius, the Silver Star symbolic of the A.A. ...'

References to Sothis from 'Outside the Circles of Time'. Published by Muller, 1980. 

p119 'It will be shown in due course that the Khabs is Sothis, the Star of Nu-Isis...'

p159 'R. A. Wilson mentions some of the Siriac manifestations in his book,'Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati'. The only flaw in his demonstration of the actuve intervention of Sothis in the affairs of the planet earth is the omission of the fact that Sothis (Sirius) is the Star of Set and that Shaitan-Aiwass (commonly known as Satan) is its informing spirit.'

p213 'By slaying the Dragon (beast) named UMR AT-TAWIL, the Eye of the Daughter (Coph Nia) is opened, and - as Sothis rises - so she manifests as the "blue-lidded daughter of Sunset", who is Maat.'

p224 'Hai is the springing forth of Hoor-paar-kraat, the rising sun-son (Sothis) conquering darkness as it rises.'

References to Sirius from 'Beyond the Mauve Zone'. Published by Starfire, 1999.

p22 '...identified in the Typhonian Gnosis as Kion (1270), the cynocephalus or dog-headed baboon, totem of the Dog Star Sirius. Thus, a balanced manifestation of the Double Current as Pan-Sirius in fusion with the Nu-Isis-Maat complex.'

p24 'Vela forms the southernmost point of the Great Cross of the Sky and is counterpoised by the Great Bear (Typhon) in the north, Sirius (dog) in the east, and Corvus (raven) in the west.'

p97 'The Four Signs, plus the Sign of Sirius (the Dog), comprehend also the five'M's', or Makaras which effect the prana(s) and apana(s) which are in turn controlled by the Fire Snake:...'

p120 'Together with Sirius, Andromeda is a constellation of paramount importance in the Horus Maat Gnosis.'

p149 'One reason for the prefix'Nu' (or New) is that the Silver Star, also known as the dog star Sirius, was associated by the ancient Egyptians with the neomenia, in June or July, which marked the beginning of the new year and the inundation of the River Nile.'

p152 '52 is the number of Caleb (KLB),'a dog', a pointer at the Order of the Silver Star (Sirius) which is the focus of the transplutonic forces Nu Isis.'

p173 'The microcosmic analogy may be expressed as follows. The Fire Snake (Sirius/Osiris) rises, returns to earth (Muladhara), then rises again bearing in its coils or mummy-swathings the rich ungents of embalmments (kalas). the Sirius-equation with Set, and with Fr. Achads "Triple Stone " (=403, the number of Sirius) is confirmed by Crowley in his Magical Record.'

p177 'The influence of New Isis, Sirius, and Arachne, represented by the 13th zodiacal sign (hoax or Hexe) and linked with the Aeon of Zain via the power of the Double Current (Gemini)...'

p183 'Her'son', Sirius or Sothis, was the manifestation of the Mother in the South where he represented the eighth and brightest luminary to her seven, the height or culmination of her light as the Dog Star, the'Son (Set) behind the Sun (Horus).'

p197 'The Aeon of Maat consists of two overlapping phases which Fr. Achad has distinguished as the Mother-Cycle and the Daughter-Cycle. The distinction is traceable in the astro-mythos as the Woman and her Dog (Canis Major/Canis Minor), and, in the earlier Stellar Tradition of the southern hemisphere, as the dog-star Sirius.'

p210 'This name, Alchimia, contains the whole mystery of the Set-Isis-Maat complex. By Chaldaean qabalah the value of the name is one hundred. This is the number also of KVKB-KLB,'the Dog Star Sirius'.'

p220 'Sirius and Andromeda are constellations of major importance to the Horus Maat Gnosis.'

References to Sothis from 'Beyond the Mauve Zone'. Published by Starfire, 1999.

p213 'Here we have "the Sothis-gift, quintessential Mead " that "bounds forth to join "Eagle-tears and Lion-Blood ".'

References to Sirius from 'The Ninth Arch'. Published by Starfire, 2002. 

p108 '...the oracle is EMME YA, the Dogon'Star of Women', a planet in the neighbourhood of Sirius, the Dog Star.'

p117 'But 116 also provides the means of redemption, for it is the number of KILENA, the'Tree of Crucifixion' revered by the votaries of Sirius in the rituals of the Dogon tribe.'

p139 'The oracle is MANO, a mountain in Tibet in which tablets of buried gold were discovered in the nineteenth century. The tablets bore witness to visitors from Venus (Isis) and Sirius (Set).'

p140 'The'evil spirits' are'visitors from Venus', who arrived before the Light of Sirius had charged them with the radiance of Nu Isis which redeems the ADM ...'
p152 'Note that 15 (Set-Isis + Sirius) is the number by Tarot of'The Devil'.'

p180 'Sirius 64 is the'perfect number of Matter', Maat, as 8 x 8, or Isis in her fullest manifestation.'

p192 'The voudon input provides an glimpse of a vast range of mythico-religious symbologies that united under ground (i.e. in the Tunnels of Set) and which constitute a potent magical magnet for attracting the cosmic streams of power radiating from Nu Isis via Sirius and other Stellar foci.'

p227 'The re-juxtaposition of numbers 318/813 hints at the'Sun behind the sun' (i.e. Sirius/Set) which, combined with ChVDSh (318), the'virgin moon'', evokes the IRQCh (318),'ungents' or'perfumes' (kalas) of the lunar current'.

p241 'From whence 336 = SAGALA, a metal peculiar to Sirius which, by Greek qabalah also = 336'

p244 'The image of the'thigh', or khepsh, symbolised the true stellar source, the primal image of Typhon as the mother of Sirius (Set), the Sun behind the sun.'

p246 'Finally, 346 = SIRIUS, the Star of Set.'

p267 '386 also ='EIITA,'seven', the number of Sept, or Sirius (Set).p291 'The Oracle, 424, is a number attributed by scientists to a planet that orbits Sirius, vehicle of the God Set.'

p408 'Its African counterpart is indicated by ALHIM (646), the parent of the Sun of our solar system, the Sun behind the Sun: which, according to the Koran, Sura, I iii, is "the Star " - Sirius, the Star of Set or Isis-Sothis - the single Eye of the Black Bird of Set, the Raven of Sin Sin Wa.'

p409 '14 also = ZHB,'gold; the star; to shine as gold' (i.e. Sirius), from the Kamite seb,'the star.'

p423 'Ummos' numeration of 156 links the planet with EMMEYA,' Star of Women', a planet orbiting Sirius.'

p434 'As the number also of the'Mercy Seat' seven has a vital symbolical equivalence to the name Isis, which means the'throne' or'seat' (of Set/Sirius).'

p437 'The Phallus of Osiris (Sirius is the Sun behind the sun), which the beetle with its mandibles propels across the Desert of Set.'

References to Sothis from 'The Ninth Arch'. Published by Starfire, 2002.