Tuesday, March 17, 2015


     After 30 years of intensive research in near every area their is in literary sciences, I have finally come to an ultimate conclusion and answer to the mysteries of theology, mythology, and ancient essoteric wisdom. That even though the big picture was sitting in my face all that time and could not be recognized because of the perspective. As most know who have delved into these disciplines, there are things hidden in code by the authors to hide origin and meaning. I have concluded two reasons for this phenomena, one is natural, and the other is man made. Mythos and theos follows a natural course of transmission. Both are "euhemerist" in composition for the very reason that over millenia, there remains no more "point of reference" from which the authors transmitting the stories can reference to, thus introduce symbols/analogies/alegories to transmit certain parts and themes of the stories that no longer have any point source of reference any longer that can be recognized. The other reason is sheer "censorship" by those that rule for the very reason that certain things that have been transmitted, expose the malvolent actions of said rulers. In modern parlance, we all know what happens with "whistle blowers".

What I relay now is "the mystery". This is THE SECRET hidden in all those books of esoterica, theology and mythology. Their is a SYNCRETIC STORY/TRUTH/ KNOWLEDGE in all these literary disciplines that is being kept hidden for one simple reason in that if you knew what it was, those in control would  be out of a job in the business of RELIGION and LAW, that simple. LAW and RELIGION are inseperable in composition and application. If you are not aware, ALL legal systems on this planet everywhere are "canonical". The real law at the base of modern western civilization in every court room is "CANON LAW". Church and state has NEVER been 'seperate' because the law of the church is the law of the state and if you dont believe that, I challenge you to prove it wrong. Their is an ancient TALE, an eyewitness account from the recesses of time. Its now a euhemerist TALE for the reasons I stated above, for their is no longer any original point reference that can be identified (the 'event' experienced has long since passed, and there is no reference point in this time that can identify the experience to those its transmitted to), and those who rule KEEP IT HIDDEN. What the rulers are hiding is what the majority of the people born on this planet seek, an "answer" to WHY AND HOW we and this creation are. To the majority, this means.....GOD. Now before I explain this to you its necessary to give you the gestalt right at the top for if I dont do that, you will not be able to put together how it got from there to here. Here is the gestalt and sum......


"ALL" transmissions of ancient wisdom, whether theological or mythological, were formulated from the worlds oldest science, ASTRONOMY. Ancient astronomy was made into a euhemerist adaption called "ASTROLOGY" for the very reasons I repeated up above. To make this more plain for the simple and unfamiliar, WITNESSES IN ANTIQUITY HAVE SEEN AND KNOW "THE CAUSE OF ALL" WHICH IS COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS "GOD" in theism and myth. But as I stated, what was and still can be seen and known, CANNOT BE SEEN AND KNOWN "PERSONALLY" as will be self evident as I explain the 'science', because after all, THIS IS 100%........."SCIENCE"!. A science that has been dissoluted and lost in time and by malevolent inclined retention by evil men. These same evil men have taken this knowledge and made CARTOONS OUT OF IT!!!. The one common link all theos, mythos, esoterica offers is a "PERSONAL" acquaintance with "the cause". They all fabricate effigies, persons, beings of some nature as the CAUSE, or rather, they manufacture GODS that can be identified and known "personally". The god in the bible is presented as a PERSONAL being exoterically, esoterically he/it is an IMPERSONAL CELESTIAL OBJECT IN THE NIGHT SKY (sun, moon, planet etc.). Those in possession of this occult knowledge know very well that what they have seen and known IS "IMPERSONAL" in how its presented from THE CAUSE. Thus for the last few thousand years they have fabricated PERSONAL REPRESENTATIONS to exploit/dupe/deceive and CONTROL the populace.

At some point in antiquity, man came to a consensus that what happens in the heavens above, in our solar system and in space, influences and and affects what happens on our planet. They believed the motions of the planets and stars influenced what happens on earth. They in fact formulated an EXACT SCIENCE systematically representing  what was seen, witnessed, can be known. They in fact set up OBSERVATORIES that tracked and observed this impersonal phenomena they deemed to be "THE CAUSE OF ALL". The gizeh pyramid complex, not just the great pyramid, but the ENTIRE complex as a whole, was made for the sole purpose of TRACKING THE STAR SIRIUS. Why the star Sirius? Because they were able to observe that the star Sirius is the ONLY celestial body in our sky that FOLLOWS THE EXACT SAME COURSE OF THE SUN ALONG THE ELLIPTIC. On the northern face of the great pyramid are two portals that point to our north celestial pole THEN and NOW. The then was when the star THUBEN was our pole star, the NOW or other portal points to our now pole star polaris. On the southern face lies two portals, one pointing to the main star in the constellation Orion, and the other points to what is anciently called......THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, SIRIUS. The three portals not pointing to Sirius are used to monitor the movements of SIRIUS and what modern scientists and astronomers know full well, is that Sirius DOES NOT MOVE AND REMAINS FIXED WITHIN THE PATH OF SAID SOUTHERN PORTAL. Why is this important? They knew and understood that our sun was in a BINARY SYSTEM WITH SIRIUS. In otherwords the sun orbits around the star Sirius. Not only did they know and understand this, they also knew and understood a COMPLETE COSMOLOGY ORIGINATING WITHIN THIS BINARY SYSTEM. In otherwords, they knew HOW, WHEN, WHERE WE "BECAME" and this is the "secret" of ALL hidden esoteric wisdom. ALL esoteric wisdom, ALL theology, ALL mythology, no matter what culture or civilization on this planet, are pieces of this HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE/COSMOLOGY. Its all talking about this particular knowledge. ALL esoteric 'symbols' used in occultism are pieces and fragments OF THIS KNOWLEDGE/COSMOLOGY. The primary symbol of all ancient essoterica, considered to be an "exact representation" of THE CAUSE or rather what is refered to as GOD is thus......


So obvious is this very representation in all our books of theos and mythos, the BIBLE itself records this mysterious representation in the most unorthodox of manners......

Nu 21:9  And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

This representation above in this verse is an even more correctly configured representation of what THE CAUSE in fact looks like........


Because of limitations, I am not able to place this symbol on its side horizontally, to show you how the represenation is actually seen and witnessed. In books of theos such as the bible or even books of myth, a euhemerist representation of this picture is used, the effigy of a SERPENT/SNAKE, but thats not what the representation actually is. It is the picture of a ........SINE WAVE!!!. This 'sine wave' is the path along the eccliptic our sun follows in accord with the star SIRIUS. This sine wave is the course and flow of how the constellations appear to be moving as viewed from earth as we travel along this 'wave' in our orbit around the star Sirius, called the "procession of the equinoxes". Ancient cartography still represents this 'sine' on maps...........


What you are seeing in this map is a representation of what the ancients deemed to represent........."GOD". The word "God" is not a name, its an acronym that means GENERATION - OPERATION - DISSOLUTION. The ancients saw that everything in creation follows a CYCLE of generation operation dissolution. Things come into being, they operate for a while, then eventually dissolve or dissolute. This cycle is contained within our binary orbit around Sirius. Every 24,000 years, called the "great year" in modern parlance, or the YUGA cycle according to the ancient eastern essoteric wisdom, we orbit the star Sirius. When we come to the closest or apex of that cycle, two things happens simultaneously, GENERATION AND DISSOLUTION, BEGINING AND END, CREATION AND "DESTRUCTION". The reason is "scientifically" obvious. The close proximity and gravitational, electrical, and nuclear forces of the planets and stars UNITE IN "CHAOS". The end of the cycle becomes a begining, a renewal via a catastrophic "consummation" that creates a NEW HEAVENS AND NEW EARTH. How a new "heavens"? This completion of the cycle REARRANGES THE CELESTIAL BODIES IN THE HEAVENS and the earth is 'renewed' via that CATASTROPHE and CATACLYSM imposed upon it as has been recorded by scientists by the archeological record on earth! The binary star system of sirius and the sun is symbolized by an overlapped figure-8. This symbol has always represented "time" essoterically. The apex or apogee of the orbits forms what is known esoterically as the VESICA PISCES or rather figure of a FISH/VAGINA representing the "birthing place" OF CREATION according to the ancients. The sumerians called it NIBIRU, or rather "THE CROSSING PLACE". The entire concept of the biblical theological CROSS is based upon this "scientific' astronomical knowledge. Its the place where the SERPENT or SINE of the pole is CRUCIFIED or rather "CROSSED". The sun has always been "male", and the star Sirius a "female". When they unite in their binary orbits, the euhemerist symbolism of "SEX is used essoterically as description in books of ancient wisdom, THE REAL "BIG BANG" if you will!. The reason why modern day science, that continues to use a false BIG BANG THEORY as a "first cause" even though physics and math proves it false on a universal scale, is because man has an inherent subconscious memory of this continuious cycle BECAUSE ITS BEEN WITNESSED FIRST HAND BY HUMANS and recorded!!!!!!. THATS WHAT THE SUM OF ALL ANCIENT DOCUMENTS ARE RECORDING!!!!.

On the last pass around the star Sirius a little over 12000 years ago, the BROWN DWARF STAR "SATURN" became a.........SUN/SON....and was iconaclized within ALL ancient books of essoteric wisdom. The supercharged "VORTEX" created by the close passing of the Sun and Sirius gravitationally, pulled the planets orbiting the sun INTO A "STRING" attached to the 'anchor' of the earth and those planets influenced by gravity, THE POLES. The resulting forces of this close brush with Sirius and other bodies, charged the brown dwarf SATURN to "flare" and 'nova' creating a temporary SUN for the destabilized planetary system once around the solar sun, now pulled out of shape into pandemonium. Planets were pulled out of orbit then regained by the newly formed temporal star SATURN that had flared. The planets slowly allighned to this newly formed polar axial allignment creating a whole new series of cataclysms on planet earth as the planets interacted. Resulting changes in the newly nova'd brown dwarf Saturn, resulted in a NEW planet being made. The planet VENUS was ejected from Saturns core in a burst of electric plasma and fusion as Saturns composition and structure changed. This entire restructure of saturn from brown dwarf, to sun, to inevitable gas giant left for us today the rings we see around it. After a period of time when the suns gravitational influence began to overcome that of the polar allighned temporal system of Saturns at the poles, the polar allignment desintegrated. Saturn........FELL.......from the pole of the north located  above CANCER, below the elliptic under CAPRICORN as it moved into its present place in the solar system. An entire euhemerist myth of DEVILS was fabricated to transmit this ASTRONOMICAL REALITY!!!. Saturn the planet went from SUN/SAVIOUR to "fallen star" or rather the theological analogy of LUCIFER/SATAN/KING OF BABYLON etc etc., the one who rose to the heights of the heavnens in the SIDES OF THE NORTH and whose brightness and glory becomes his downfall, or rather NOVA. In the bible, SIRIUS the star is represented by a "pheonician" anagram used to describe the "mount" of god which is THE NORTH POLE OF THE EARTH and that name is.......

De 3:9  (Which Hermon the Sidonians call Sirion; and the Amorites call it Shenir;)

Sirion is a tri-phonetic angram in phoenician representing THE SUN, SIRIUS and ORION. Second only to the planet Saturn in esoteric significance is the star Sirius in all books of theos and mythos. Up to 2200 years ago, all ancient astrologers and historians pretty much agreed the star Sirius was "RED" in appearance. After roughly 100 ad they began to record Sirius as being BLUE in color. Modern astronomy and physics will tell you stars change color only from direction their moving, or internal changes in structure (nova etc) Stars that are RED are "red shifting", they are moving AWAY from us, stars that are BLUE are 'blue shifting", they are coming towards earth. Historically and scientifically its a proven fact, Sirius IS IN A BINARY ORBIT WITH THE SUN. This cycle of orbit is represnted by the classical 4 AGES as found in ancient historical documents (see Plato). The GOLDEN AGE occurs when we are closest to Sirius at apex. As we pass we DESCEND down the "circle" orbit into consecutive 'ages' (silver, bronze, iron) as is even recorded in the bible (see Daniel). According to the Rig Vedas and other ancient sources, man lived into the 100's if not 1000's of years and had a stature up to 17 cubits tall (near 30ft!!!), and loses his length of mortality and 'stature' (height) as we 'descend' through the ages. The biblical giants ARE MERELY US of another age and what happens to said giants in the bible is what the RULERS have been doing to any and all traces of THE PAST, DESTROYING IT! We sit right now in what is classically known as .......OUTER DARKNESS........at perihelion to Sirius. We have just come to the threshold of the orbit, where we begin to ASCEND back up the circle and back through the consecutive ages, back to where it all began, THE CROSSING PLACE/VESICA PISCES/APEX OF ORBIT with  our sister/mother/WIFE star Sirius.

What I have just explained to you is a generalized overview sum of what ALL ancient sources of mythos and theos are trying to convey. Its the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE buried under all those coded texts. It in fact is what is refered to as THE SECRET OF "GOD" in the bible, aquired by the 'search of their fathers'...

Job 8:8  For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers:

Aquiring this "secret" and understanding it can be found throughout the book of the PREACHER in the old testament. It also means being found and considered APOSTATE according to the same book as shown by what comes of the Preacher (solomon) in the end!.


Ec 1:6  The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.

Ec 1:9  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

You read ecclesiastes slow and careful and your gonna find that the Preacher is preaching ASTRONOMICAL "SCIENCE"! He had this to say about the religion and 'church' in his day.......

Ec 5:1  Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear, than to give the sacrifice of fools: for they consider not that they do evil.

The Preacher knew damn well that THEOLOGY was ABSOLUTE "BULLSHIT", its all codefied.........."ANCIENT ASTRONOMICAL SCIENCE".